Take off your pants and deliver in the morning… “I urinate urgently” absurd explanation


The delivery man who was delivering at dawn walked around the apartment hallway with his pants off, and the police launched an investigation.

The explanation for this was also absurd, but reporter Kim Sang-min covered it.

This video was filmed on the 7th floor of an apartment in Sangil-dong, Seoul.

A male deliveryman walks down the hallway carrying a shipment with his pants and underwear fully down.

This man, who appeared on the upper floor in the same condition, stopped at the CCTV and then slowly turned back and raised his pants.

[피해자 : 아래층 사는 친구가 개인 CCTV를 확인해보다가 조금 이상한 장면이 있어서 (저한테도 확인해보라고 했습니다.)]

I wouldn’t have known until the end if it hadn’t been for the women’s personal CCTV installed in front of the door.

When women inquired with the delivery company Coupang, they were told that it was the husband of a female delivery person who was entrusted with delivery as an individual, not a full-time employee.

[고객센터 – 피해자 통화 : ‘플렉스'(위탁 배달원)라는 분들은 단독 배송을 하도록 돼 있는데 좀 도움을 받으려고 했는지 이번에 남편분을 데려갔었나 봐요.]

The delivery man’s explanation was even more absurd.

[고객센터 – 피해자 통화 : 남편이 소변이 급해서 노상 방뇨를 하려고 바지를 내렸다가 그 박스를 들고 있어서 1층 가서 노상 방뇨를 했다는 (말을 전해 들었습니다.)]

After checking the delivery man’s whereabouts, the apartment management office determined that it was a false explanation and reported it to the police.

Police have requested Coupang to verify the identity of the man.

Coupang said that the delivery person entrusted with the delivery broke the contract and was working with her husband.


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