Tae-seop Geum, Jae-myung Lee, Jong-in Kim, and Jeong-cheol Yang to arbitrate the meeting “It’s not true”


Former lawmaker Geum Tae-seop dismissed the claims of lawyer Kang Yong-seok that he mediated meetings with Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, former People’s Power Violation Chairperson Kim Jong-in, and former head of the Institute for Democracy Yang Jeong-cheol on the 25th, saying, “It’s not true at all.” .

Former Rep. Geum said on Facebook today, “I have not had contact with Candidate Jae-myung Lee or former secretary Yang Jeong-cheol for many years. There was nothing similar.”

He said, “I can guess why you’re saying such absurd things, but I won’t talk about it.”

He continued, “You can’t believe Kang’s talk.” He said, “There are people like this in any camp. In other words, they are like Chung Cheong-rae from the conservative camp.”

Democratic Party secretary-general Kim Young-jin, a close aide to candidate Lee Jae-myung, also met with reporters at the Yeouido office and said, “(The rumors about the meeting) are not true.” There is a way,” he drew a line.

Lawyer Kang’s argument came amid a continuing nervous battle between former Chairman Kim Jong-in and People’s Power presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol over whether to accept the post of general election chairman.

Earlier, lawyer Kang said on Facebook today, “At 10 pm on the 23rd, there was a report that Lee Jae-myung, Kim Jong-in, and Yang Jeong-cheol met in Suwon with Geum Tae-seop’s mediation. What the hell is he thinking…” he wrote.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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