“Storm of Love”: broadcast failure outraged fans


The news of the week in our ticker +++ That is why yesterday’s episode was canceled +++ Even more departures from the “Fürstenhof” +++ Quota shock! Does the broadcaster take the necessary steps? +++ Separation with this dream couple? +++

November 25th: Big trouble – “I find it unheard of!”

“Sturm der Liebe” fans are used to heartache. As soon as the winter sports season begins, your favorite stelae has to give way to biathlon or alpine skiing broadcasts. A small consolation for the fans: Most of the time it’s already there Weeks in advance and they can prepare for the relocation. Yesterday, “Storm of Love” was canceled again – this time, however without notice! The reason: A special broadcast by ARD for the press conference, in which the SPD, Greens and FDP presented the results of the coalition negotiations. The fans didn’t like that at all. They vent their anger on Facebook. “I find it unheard of, there are quite a few news channels!“, one gets upset. Another thinks:”What a cheek to bring the same thing on ARD and ZDF at the same time.“For today, the” Sturm der Liebe “fans can breathe a sigh of relief: If nothing unforeseen happens, they should the episode from yesterday now made up for will.

24. November: Bye-bye, Bichlheim!

The staff carousel for “Sturm der Liebe” continues to rotate. After it is established that next May and Florian even Hannes (Pablo Konrad) the “Fürstenhof” leaves, now announces the next farewell to. Selina von Thalheim (Katja Rosin) will also turn her back on Bichlheim. The reason: ex-husband Cornelius (Christopher Mory) reappears at the “Fürstenhof”. And now he wants one Buy well in Englandto go there with Selina to settle down. Selina agrees and they make their way across the pond. What remains of the from Thalheims after In the house So just say goodbye for now Constanze (Sophia Schiller). And that should be with dream man Paul (Sandro Kirtzel) have enough to do first …

November 23rd: What’s next for “Sturm der Liebe”?

“Storm of Love” fans have been around for a while Worries about the future her favorite stelenovela. The series should continue until the end of 2022, what then happened – completely unclear. With that in mind, this message has to be like a absolute bad news sound. Only 1.23 million people switched to the big dream wedding on Friday May (Christina Arends) and Florian (Arne Löber) – even less than the average for the remaining episodes of this season. That will certainly solve the problem for the fans DiscomfortBecause: What if not good ratings would be a reason for ARD to run the telenovela beyond 2022? Nothing has officially been decided yet – but the statements of those responsible recently sounded anything but encouraging. Seems like would go the fear for the die-hard “Storm of Love” viewers yet a bit further.

November 22nd: Max and Vanessa’s relationship stress divides fan base

Things don’t look good for “Storm of Love” Max (Stefan Hartmann) and Vanessa (Jeannine Gaspár). In the meantime it seems to be increasingly clear that both of them completely different ideas about life to have. While Vanessa actually just now focus on their fencing career want to dream Max of a vacation together in a newly bought camper. And also what the Family planning is concerned, the couple disagree. The preview has already revealed that the future is for the two of them doesn’t get any easier: Max soon learns the pretty one Elsa (Anna Ewelina) and ends up promptly in bed with her. Even if he Vanessa then, out of sheer desperation, proposes marriage, the fans are not sure whether with the two to save anything is. “Vanessa deserves another“, writes one on Instagram. And another fan becomes even a little clearer:”Find someone else who only thinks of himself anyway. “How the matter is between Max and Vanessa probably further developed? In any case, the fans remain excited.

You can read here what was going on in the “Sturm der Liebe” -Fandom last week.


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