Royal and diversified.. unforgettable views from Cairo Film Festival 2020


04:00 pm

Thursday 25 November 2021

I wrote – Shaima Morsi
Art stars were keen to appear with the best looks while attending the activities of the 42nd Cairo Film Festival in its previous session, over a period of 9 days, from opening to closing.
In the report, we show you the most unforgettable looks at the Cairo Film Festival in the previous session.

Arwa Gouda:

The artist, Arwa Gouda, appeared with a royal look at the opening ceremony, as the dress was distinguished by sophistication and elegance, and it was suitable for her body in terms of neck length, shoulder width and back shape from the back, in addition to the fact that the hairstyle, jewelry and makeup were very appropriate and appropriate.


The artist, Dora, starred in the closing ceremony in a bright mauve dress, and the dress’s story was drawn in a haute couture fashion on the side of the middle, the buttocks and the neck with a leg opening that highlights her slender people in an aesthetic way.

Raya Abi Rached:

The media, Raya Abi Rashid, also starred on the eighth day, with a look like Disney princesses, as she appeared in a yellow dress of polka-dotted organza, signed by Marmar Halim, and the story of the dress is (pencil dress), in addition to the fact that the story is very suitable for her and highlights her slender body, distinguished by the fact that it is equipped with sleeves Make-up and hair were simple.

Leila Alawi:

As for Laila Elwi’s appearance on the third day of the festival, it was classic, characterized by sophistication, attractiveness and good taste, as she wore a black silk blouse and a black pocket. As for the hairstyle and makeup, they were very successful, in addition to the bag, jewelry and shoes, they were very successful like princesses.

Yasmine Sabry:

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, appeared during the opening ceremony in a black dress. The dress was characterized by a cupped cut, decorated with embroideries at the chest, and inscriptions from the bottom. Her makeup was strong, as well as she decorated her look with accessories consisting of a ring, a bracelet and a collet, and left her hair hanging down.

Yusra Louzy:

At the closing ceremony, the artist, Youssra El-Lozy, wore a white dress, with transparent sleeves, and a multi-role from the bottom. She adopted strong make-up and a classic hairstyle, as well as decorating her look with simple accessories consisting of an earring, a ring, and a silver-colored clutch.

Sarah Al-Tunisi:

At the opening, the artist, Sarah Al-Tunisi, chose a long dress, embossed in black and studded with golden stripes, with a bold chest cut, with an open back, and adopted a lifted hairstyle with falling tufts, and soft makeup, and coordinated with the look, accessories with a soft design.

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