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Princess Victoria with Estelle + Oscar: New private photo of the Royals! And that is noticeable

Princess Victoria
Cute! With Oscar and Estelle in the Viking Museum

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What a nice surprise! Princess Victoria, accompanied by her children Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle, pays a visit to Stockholm’s The Viking Museum. A sugar-sweet picture was created. If you take a closer look, you notice a few things.

It has been almost two months since there were new recordings of Princess Victoria, 44, and her children Prince Oscar, 5, and Princess Estelle, 7. In mid-September, Sweden’s royal family delighted with private photos from their vacation with Princess Mette-Marit, 48, Prince Hakon, 48, and Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 17.

Now there is more for Royal fans! Cute new photos of Victoria and her children have appeared on the Instagram account of The Viking Museum in Stockholm. On closer inspection, a few things become apparent.

Princess Victoria, Estelle and Oscar: These things stand out in the new private photo

“We have a royal visit,” writes the museum and shares a photo with Sweden’s heir to the throne, her kids and a museum employee in disguise. While little Oscar proudly holds a hatchet in his hand, his big sister Estelle is supported on a sword. A second photo, hidden behind the first shot, reveals what the royal offspring learned during their visit to the museum. It shows the attempt to write their names in runes – that is, in old Germanic characters.

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On Instagram, the museum also reveals what Victoria and the children have learned on their day at the Viking Museum: “We really believe that everyone has to learn to write runes, distinguish Hugin and Munin and try dried cod! “, it says there. Hugin and Munin are two ravens in Norse mythology who help the spirits of the god Odin. Dried cod or stockfish are popular in Sweden at Christmas.

Wonderfully casual instead of a royal outline

But there are other details that stand out. Victoria is attached to her homeland and not only wants to learn a lot about her country herself, but also wants to show and teach her children as much as possible about it.

But: During their visit, the royal favorites are wonderfully normal and unglamorous. One could almost think that this is not about the royal family at all. The Crown Princess wears a black sweater and slightly tousled hair that is tied in a braid. Estelle’s hair also resembles that of her mother. She is also casual in a sweater and loose fitting jeans like little Oscar.

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