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[Pick] What was the ‘surprise gift’ that the boy with Down syndrome who was working part-time to see BTS?

A boy with developmental disabilities in the United States, who is an avid fan of the group BTS, has made his wish of going to a BTS concert come true.

According to reports from foreign media such as NBC in the US on the 24th local time, Harrison, a 14-year-old boy living in Newbury Park, California, recently received a free admission ticket to the BTS LA concert as a gift.

Harrison, who suffers from Down syndrome, worked part-time cleaning for several months to go to a BTS concert to save money, but tickets were already sold out. It is even known that the current ticket price is at least 25 times the ‘premium’.

Upon learning of this news, Sofai Stadium selected Harrison as a special guest to celebrate the 1 millionth ticket sale since opening, and presented him with a VIP ticket for the BTS LA concert. Sofai Stadium is the venue where BTS’ LA concert will be held on the 27th.

▲ Harrison, his family, and officials from Sofai Stadium who attended the gift event

Harrison attended the ‘1 millionth ticket buyer commemorative gift event’ held in front of Sofai Stadium, wearing a dress with BTS member Jungkook’s name engraved on it. However, it is known that Harrison’s favorite member is ‘J-Hope’.

Harrison’s family also shared the joy of attending the giveaway. Harrison’s mother said, “The child worked really hard to go to the BTS concert,” said Harrison.

Meanwhile, Harrison’s story has been known through the online fundraising site ‘Go Fund Me’ in the past.

'Surprised gift' given to a boy with Down syndrome who was working part-time to see BTS

▲ Harrison dancing along to the BTS song ‘Dope’

Harrison is a huge fan who listens to BTS music every day, watches BTS videos and dances along.

One day, Harrison heard from his teacher that a BTS concert was about to be held in LA. In order to earn money to buy tickets to BTS performances, he took the initiative to clean the front yards and front porches of local residents. The story of Harrison, who works part-time cleaning to go to the concert and earns pocket money, is known to have spread by word of mouth on social media.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold a concert at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA from the 27th to the 28th and the 1st and 2nd of the next month (local time). On the 27th, the first day of the concert, Harrison is going to watch the BTS performance of his dreams.

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(Photo=Twitter ‘SoFiStadium’, Gofundme homepage)

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