[Pick] American actors who refused vaccines expelled from dramas they starred in for decades


Two actors who appeared in the long-lived American medical drama ‘General Hospital’ were expelled from the broadcast for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to foreign media such as the New York Times on the 24th local time, the production team of ‘General Hospital’ excluded Steve Burton and Ingo Ladermacher from the list of appearances.

‘General Hospital’ is a long-running soap opera that has been airing on ABC since 1963, and is evaluated as the originator of medical dramas.

Burton and Ladermacher starred in the show for 30 and 25 years respectively. They did not follow the mandatory vaccination regulations applied to the set of ‘Area A’, where they work without a mask from the 1st of this month, so they got off from the work they had been working with for decades.

In particular, Burton tested positive for COVID-19 in August, but insisted on not getting the vaccine.

Burton posted a video on his social media account on the 23rd and said, “Unfortunately, I had to leave ‘General Hospital’ due to the mandatory vaccination. “He confessed his feelings.

He continued, “Whether or not to vaccinate should be left to individual freedom. No one should lose their livelihood due to this problem.” “It would be an honor to appear in a drama again because the compulsory vaccination rule is gone. did,” he said.

Ladermacher also said on SNS, “Vaccination is a matter of choice and should not be forced. I will fight with you for medical freedom.”

This is a ‘news pick’.

(Photo = Steve Burton Ingo Ladermacher Instagram, ABC website)


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