november 26 greetings


⊙ Korea Tourism Organization ◇ Executive Director △ Management Innovation Division Jeon Young-min △ International Tourism Division Director Seo Young-chung △ National Tourism Office Director Kim Seong-hoon ⊙ LG Group LG CNS △ Vice President (CAO) Hong-geun Kim ◇ Executive Director △ Smart F&C Division Manager Cho Hyung-cheol △ Smart Logistics Strategy and Consulting Manager Lee Malsul LG △Executive Director Jeong-wook LG Electronics ◇Vice President △CTO (Chief and ICT Technology Center) Kim Byung-hun △CDO (Chief Digital Officer) Lee Sam-soo △BS Business Division Director Jang Ik-hwan ◇Executive Director △Kim Jong-pil Park In-seong Park Hee-wook Shin Seok-hong Lee Dong-seon Jang Jin-hyuk Jeong Jae-cheol Jo Hwi-jae Shim Won ◇ Managing Director △ Kang Yong-seok Kwon Hyuk-jin Kim Sa-nyeong Kim Seon-hyeong Kim Yong-guk Kim Yong-tae Kim Eui-do Kim Jong-ho Kim Cheol Kim Tae-nyeon Ryu Seung-ho Park Young-eun Son Chang-woo Song Jun-myung Shin Dong-hoon Shin Jeong-eun Shim Sang-bo Yang Jeong-hyo Won Jong-hwa Yu Si-mok Yun Seong-il Lee Byung-hoon Lee Jae-seung Lee Jun-haeng Jang Jin-ho Jeon Hong-geol Jeong Dae-hee Jeong Seong-han Jeong Jae-hoon Je Young-ho Cho Seo-rin △ Nam Cheom-dan Cha Hyun-seung Hwang Sang-moon Headquarters △Executive Director Yang Seon-Min Lee Kun-Joo Kim Seong-Hyun Kim Mu-Yong Kyu-Ho Lee △ Senior Research Fellow Lee Choong-Hoon Shin Shin-Geon △ Senior Expert Jeong Woon-Tae △ Senior Research Fellow Kim Ki-Woong △ Senior Expert Yang-Hyun Heo LG Magna ePowertrain ◇ Executive Director △CEO Jeong Won-Seok S&I Corporation △CEO Jeong Won-Seok and Vice President Lee Dong-Eon △ Executive Vice President Hwang Jun-oh LG Management Development Institute ◇ Vice President △ Jeong-Do Management TFT Seo Dong-hee ◇ Executive Vice President △ AI Research Institute Director Bae Bae-hoon LG Energy Solutions ◇ Executive Director △ Small Battery Development Center Head Noh Se-won LG Display △ President Kim Myung-gyu △ Vice President Yoon Su-young Kim Jong-woo Min Yong-gi △ Executive Director Shin Woo-seop Kim Seong-hee Park Yu-seok LG Innotek △Vice President Hyuksu Moon, Head of Optical Solution Business Division ◇Executive Director △CHO Kisoo Kim LG CNS ◇Executive Officer △Daeseong Kim in charge of Singlex Business in DT Business Division ◇Executive Director △Wang-geun Jeon in charge of Cloud Service in Cloud Division △〃 Youngran Kim, Head of Singlex Promotion Center △Woo Seong-woo, Head of DT Finance Division △ Smart F&C Division R&D/Production Quality Manager Ha-Seok Byeon △ D&A Division Enterprise Data Business Department Min-Yong Jang △ CAO Marketing/Strategy Manager Jae-Hyeok Lim △ CTO Information Technology Research Center Director Eun-Kyung Jeon △ Human Resources Manager Young-Mok Ko △ PR/External Cooperation Manager Young-Pil Na LG Chem △ Managing Director Beom-Sik Kim, Cheol-Ho Yang, Jong-Ho Lee Jeong Ji-hoo Jo Seong-bok Go Kyung-deok Kwak Min-han Jeong Ok-young Hyung-hoon Kim Jeong-min Lee Yun-ho Lee Jae-su Jeong Jong-eun △ Managing Director, LG Energy Solutions Kang Kyung-won Lee Hoon-seong Lee Dong-hyung Shin Ki-chang Park Jae-hong Kim Beom-jae Kim Jeong-su Shin Jun-young Choi Sang-hoon Yeo Sang-wook Shin Dong-hwan Kim Nam-ho LG Display △ Managing Director Kang Tae-wook Kim Kwang-tae Kim Kyu-dong Kim Seong-gon Kim Jong-deok Kim Pan-yeol Nam Han-yong Bae Jong-wook Seo Jae-hyeop Son Ki-hwan Ahn Jae-joon Yeo Jun-ho Lee Hyung-jeong Lee Hu-gak Jang Jun-hyeok Jeong Eui-jin Jeong In-geun Jung Woo-seop Choi Jun-hyeok LG Lee Jun-hyeok Jeong Sang-hoon Eui-jin Jung In-geun Choi Jong-seop Choi Jun-hyuk Lee Jun-hyeok Lee Dong-hoon Lee Se-jin LG △ Managing Director Kim Kyung-hwan G2R △ Managing Director Kim Jin-hyeok Lee Seong-jae LG Sports △ Vice President CEO Kim In-seok LG Management Development Institute △ Managing Director Training Hwa-young Lee △ Senior Research Fellow Kim Seung-hwan Choi Jeong-gyu LG Yeonam Cultural Foundation △ Managing Director Lee Hyun-jeong LG ◇ Executive Director △ESG Park Jun-seong △ Electronics Ahn Jun-hong △ Legal/Compliance Support Jang Geon △ Future Investment Jo Kevin △ Managing Director Ho-Young Lee LG Innotek △ Managing Director Byung-Guk Yoo ⊙ Lotte Group △ Lotte Holdings CEO Lee Dong-Woo △ Lotte Global Logis 〃 President Park Chan-Bok ◇ CEO Vice President △ Daehong Communications Hong Seong-Hyun △ Lotte Shopping Mart Business Division Kang Seong-hyeon △ Lotte Shopping Super Division Chang-hee Nam △ Lotte C&T Ryu Je-don △ Lotte Fine Chemical Kim Yong-seok (in office) △ Lotte Aluminum Cho Hyun-cheol △ Lotte Holdings Vice President Koh Jung-wook △ Lotte Neos Chemical CEO Jeong Seung-won (in office) ◇ Managing Director △ Lotte Asahi Liquor Jeong Jae-hak △FR Korea Jeong Hyeon-seok △STEL Korea Kim Jin-yeop △ Fujifilm Korea Lee Hyeong-gyu ◇ Executive Director △ Lotte Department Store Lee Ho-seol △ Lotte Mart Kim Chang-yong △ Lotte Super Won-ho △ Lotte Home Shopping Kim Jae-gyeom △ Hotel Lotte Morten Andersen △ Lotte Chemical Basics Materials Business Min-jae Hwang, Park Soo-sung △Lotte Msi City Yoon Seung-ho △ Lotte E&C Kim Byung-geun △ Lotte Holdings Lim Seong-bok Jeong Young-cheol Kim Hong-cheol ◇ Managing Director △ Lotte Confectionery Kim Hyun-deok Choi Seong-cheol Jin-seong Heo △ Lotte Foods Park Chan-ho △ Lotte Chilsung Beverage Lee Yang-su Lee Nam-cheol Yeo-rang △ Lotte GRS Kimchiman △ Lotte Central Research Institute Yang Si-young △ Daehong Communications Lee Seung-jo △ Lotte Department Store Kim Seon-min Koo-hoe Kim Jae-beom Jeong Kyung-woon Lim Jae-cheol △ Lotte Mart Shin Ju-baek △ Lotte Super Kim Dong-ha △ Lotte e-Commerce Kim Jang-gyu △ Lotte Hi-Mart Park Wang-geun Byung-cheol Moon △ Korea Seven Young-hyuk Lee Woo-sik △ Lotte Home Shopping Lee Yong-hwan Kang Jae-jun △ Lotte Cultureworks Jeong Kyung-jae △ Lotte Global Logis Choi Myung-ho, Cho Chang-rak △ Lotte Information Communication Kim Kyung-yeop Kim Seong-hwan Park Jong-pyo △ Hotel Lotte Lee Hyo-seop △ Lotte Duty Free Lee Sang-jin △Lotte Rental Kim Kyung-bong △ Lotte Capital Ha Yang-ho △ Lotte Chemical Basic Materials Business Kim Seong-kwon Park Jae-cheol Lim Oh-hoon Park Kyung-sun Kim Yong-hak Kang Jong-won △ Lotte Chemical Advanced Materials Business Kim Dae-jung Kim Yang Jae-ho Han Myung-jin △ Lotte Fine Chemical Shin Jun-hyeok Kwon Eui-heon △LC USA Han Kyung-jo Mark Peters △ Lotte Aluminum Han Choong-hee Lee Sang-won △ △ Lotte E&C Jin Ji Seung-ryeol Kim Sang-min Employer Tae-wan Kim △Lotte Holdings Owner Oh-seung Kwon ◇Assistant Director △Lotte Confectionery △Assistant Manager Lee Kyung-jae Choi Gyu-sang Kim Kyung-su Yun Yeo-wook △Lotte Foods Yoon Deok-hwan Ho-hyung Choi △ Lotte Chilsung Beverage Jin-pyo An Jin-pyo Seo In-hwan △Lotte GRS Choi Yong-hwan Lee Kwon-hyung △Lotte Central Research Institute Planning Kwak Jung-ki △ Dae Hong Eui-jung Hwang Jeong-ho △Lotte Distribution Division Kim Dong-hyun △Lotte Department Store Yoon Woo-wook Kang Woo-jin Yoon Hyeong-jin Shin Nam-seon Jeon Il-ho Lee Won-seok Park Seong-cheol △ Lotte Mart Lee Jun-hyuk Bae Hyo-kwon Yun Byung-su △ Lotte Super Hyun Young-hoon Bae Dae-seong △ Lotte e-Commerce Kim Jong-hwan △ Lotte Hi-Mart Park Chang-hyeon Kim Eun-jung △ Korea Seven Hong-jun Son Seung-hyun △ Lotte Home Shopping Jeong Ji-hyeon Jeon Ho-jin △Lotte Cultureworks Kim Moo-seong △ Lotte Members Kim Geun-su △ Lotte Global Logis Kim Tae-woong Kwon Soon-geun Kwon Jae-beom △ Lotte Information Communication Kim Yang-gyu Lim Jong-sam Jang Bong-cheol Kim Bong-se △ Hotel Lotte Du Kyung-tae Jo Chang-yong Kim Ji-tae Kim Ji-tae Kwon Jeong-geun △ Lotte Duty Free Roh Jae-seung Han Kyung-wan △ Lotte World Kim Gwan-ri Jot Ha Tae-hoon △ Lotte World Kim Kwan-sik Jot Ha Tae-hoon Rental Kyupil Lee Sang-yeop Lee Kwang-ho △Lotte Trading Company Lee Yun-seok △Lotte Trading Company Lee Chang-hwi △ Canon Korea Kim Jeong-hyeon Lee Ho-seong Jeon Jeon-joon △ Fujifilm Korea Park Chan-seong △ Lotte Capital Oh Yong-ha △ Lotte Chemical Basic Materials Business Park In-cheol Cho Yong-joon Park Jung-sung Choi Jeong-gyu Kim Hae-cheol Lee Hyeon-seop Kwon Jo-hyun Kim Gi-saeng Song Geun-chang △ Lotte Chemical Advanced Materials Businesses Jeongsik Moon Lee Hansu Lee Kyungnam △Lotte Fine Chemicals Jooyong Kim △Lotte Neos Chemical Laborer △Lotte Aluminum Baek Byungok △Lotte E&C Lee Jeongwon Park Yongshin Lee Daepoong Kim Youngkyun Strange Kang Minjong Kim Youngju Seong Mujin △CM Division Go Kwonseok △Lotte Future Strategy Research Center Seongjun Ahn △Lotte Ventures Bae Junseong △Lotte Human Resources Development Institute Im Won-gyun △Lotte Holdings Corporation Jinju-tae ◇General Representative △ Lotte Group Distribution Group (Lotte Shopping CEO appointed and appointed Vice President) Sang-Hyeon Kim △Lotte Hotel Group (Hotel Lotte CEO appointed and appointed President and CEO) Ahn Se-jin ◇CEO Vice President (nominated) △Lotte Cultureworks Choi Byung-hwan △Lotte M.C.C. Jeong Jeong-ok △Lotte Holdings HR Innovation Office Vice President Park Doo-hwan ◇CEO Executive Vice President (internally appointed) △Lotte Capital Kwangsik Choo △Ciek Kyeongbo Kang ◇CEO △CEO △Lotte Asset Development Oh Geun Oh ⊙ Hanwha Hotels & Resorts △Executive Director Jongwon Seo Cheolseung Cho Seongil △The Tastable (subsidiary) 〃 Jongseung Lee

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