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Most notably Sherihan and Fifi Abdo.. Stars who shined with looks that carried the pharaonic character

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Thursday 25 November 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

The stars compete to appear in attractive and eye-catching looks, so you find some of them in the pharaonic outfit, with a distinctive look, through which they can appear differently on the red carpet in various events or photo sessions that they share with their followers on social media platforms.

In this context, we review below the most prominent Egyptian and Arab artists who wore the pharaonic costume.

– Sherihan..a pharaonic queen

The star Sherihan, was one of the most prominent stars who wore the pharaonic outfit, as she had starred in it during one of her episodes in her famous Fawazir.

Sherihan appeared as the “Queen” during her appearance, wearing a golden dress with a ruffled cut, distinctive on the waist area, and the dress bore a pharaonic inscription.

The hairstyle was draped on the shoulders, while a pharaonic crown was placed on her head in the form of a snake, while aesthetically speaking, she chose a make-up bearing the pharaonic character.

Fifi Abdo at the Cannes Film Festival

At the Cannes International Film Festival in 1997, actress Fifi Abdo caught the eye by appearing in a complete pharaonic look, as she appeared on the red carpet at one of the international and international film festivals.

At the time, Fifi Abdo participated in a pharaonic-style dress designed by Fouad Sarkis, which was the talk of the Arab press, and the dress was a narrow design in gold, with an extension of satin fabric.

The look was decorated with well-known pharaonic accessories, and she also wore a pharaonic crown on top of her head, and she wore gold-colored shoes, and she also coordinated with the look a small clutch of the same color.

– Sawsan Badr.. Nefertiti of the age

The artist, Sawsan Badr, repeated the appearance of the pharaonic character. She appeared during a photo session in which she relied on simulating some artistic paintings in which the pharaonic woman appears, imitating the look of the eyes, the stance, or the way of smiling.

She appeared again in the pharaonic dress, several years ago, with a pharaonic look similar to Queen Nefertiti, in one of the propaganda campaigns for the early detection of prostate cancer, which was with director Amr Salama.

Hend Sabry during a photo session

The artist, Hend Sabry, wore the pharaonic outfit during a photo session she underwent in early 2016, which attracted her audience.

Hind appeared in a white dress, with golden cuts.

Yousra on the red carpet for the Oscars

At the 92nd Academy Awards, which was held in 2020, the artist, Yousra, appeared on the red carpet of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, wearing a pharaonic dress, of white and gold.

The dress, designed by the Lebanese Zuhair Murad, came from the designs of the spring and summer 2020 season, and was inspired by the queens of ancient Egypt, with a V-shaped opening on the chest area, which was studded in gold, with long sleeves,

She coordinated with the dress a square clutch in gold, and decorated the look with luxurious gold jewelry.

Dora has an unusual pharaonic look

The Tunisian actress, Dora, appeared in a look inspired by the pharaonic outfit, while participating in the last session of the Aswan International Film Festival for Women’s Cinema.

Dora shined in a long white dress resembling the pharaonic outfit, where a piece of golden metal was adopted on the waist area, and coordinated with the dress a bag of the same color, and the look was decorated with golden accessories bearing the pharaonic character as well.

Moon.. Queen Cleopatra

The Lebanese woman, Qamar, also underwent a special photo session, during which she appeared in the pharaonic outfit, in the image of Queen Cleopatra.

During the photo session, Qamar wore the queen’s clothes, which was a white dress studded with gold metal, and she took more than one position during this session.

Hanan Mutawa, a pharaonic queen

The artist, Hanan Mutawa, starred with a luxurious pharaonic look during a fashion show recently presented by the famous fashion designer Hani El-Behairy, as part of the activities of the Our Heritage Exhibition for Handicrafts and Crafts, which was inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, last October.

Hanan Mutawa appeared in a pharaonic dress embroidered in gold with a long tail and studded with blue and golden stones. The look also included the presence of the pharaonic symbol, the key to life, and she wore a pharaonic crown to confirm the time of the look.

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