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Most notably by Rania Youssef.. 5 looks that sparked controversy at the Cairo Film Festival

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Thursday 25 November 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Tomorrow the opening ceremony of the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival begins, and given the importance of the festival as one of the most important artistic events in the Middle East, its red carpet will turn into a competition arena between stars to appear in the most beautiful looks.

And unlike many stars who attract attention around them for their elegance and attractive looks, there are many of them who appear with unconventional or bold and controversial looks.

In this report, “Masrawy” will present to you the most controversial looks that the stars appeared during the various sessions of the Cairo International Film Festival.

– Nahed El Sebaei in a white dress

Severe criticism was faced by the artist, Nahid El Sebaei, for her appearance during the activities of the 38th Cairo Festival, especially since the festival was in mourning due to the death of the great artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

Al-Sibai appeared in a long white dress with a transparent tail, in the off-shoulder style, with the hair falling on the shoulder, and strong make-up.

– Enas Al Degheidy with “Lemoni”

Director Enas Al-Deghaidi sparked a state of controversy after appearing in one of the activities of the 39th edition of the festival, due to the choice of the lemon color, which was inappropriate with her skin.

Inas wore a lace dress that was inappropriate with the distribution of the rest of the dress, and the “accessories” were almost non-existent, and she also used a shawl that did not fit with the design of the dress.

– The lining dress by Rania Youssef

The artist Rania Youssef also raised a state of controversy after appearing in one of the activities of the 40th session of the festival, where she appeared in a dress that was described as the boldest dress at the festival, which was known in the media as “the lining dress”.

Rania wore a black dress, made of transparent dandelion, decorated with embroidery, and it was without lining, resembling a cashmere swimsuit.

She coordinated with him a black clutch and high-heeled shoes, adopted a strong make-up, and chose to have her hair loose on both sides of her shoulders.

– Naglaa Badr in a bold dress

Najla Badr wore a shiny leather dress signed by fashion designer Hani Al-Behairy, during the activities of the 41st session of the festival.

Najla coordinated with the look a black lace-up shoe, a black sparkling clutch intertwined with silver, and adopted a lifted hairstyle while leaving loose tufts.

– Here is Shiha in a bold dress

During the activities of the 42nd edition of the festival, the artist Hana Shiha appeared, with a bold look, as she wore a long black dress, with open sleeves, with a bold leg opening.

She chose a curly wavy hairstyle, with strong makeup, and adopted a metallic clutch.

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