Monsta X’s girl group cover dance that’s so serious that it’s scary haha ​​Everyone is getting greedy ^^ / [문명특급 EP.223-1]


How have you been patient?

Monsta X Oji, who seems to have only ate a meal and practiced girl group dance, has dance skills hahahaha

Let’s watch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation girl group cover dance together

#MONSTA X #Girl group cover dance #NextLevel

Planning / Hyeon-jong Ha / Organized by Eun-jae Lee / Eun-jae Lee / Kyu-hee Lee Cinematography / Ji-yeon Kim, Je-na Jeon, Jae-won Lee / Joo-won Seo Simultaneous Recording / Ah-hyeong Son Simultaneous Recording / Drawing Sound Brand Design / Ha-kyung Kim CG / Ha-kyung Kim CG / Ha-kyung Kim Intern In charge / Hyeon-hong Lee Dasom Ryu Seo-hyun Lim Mi-na Administration / Mi-rim Park Marketing / Subtitles by Yujin Kim/Outsourced editing by Wonjin/Assistant Director Eunbi Kim/Editing/Edition by Hanju Oh and Hyemin Kim/Producer Minji Hong/SBS Digital News Lab Creative Division

(SBS Subs News)

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