Sunday, November 28

Ministry of Unification, Yongbyon nuclear activity situation, “North Korea must abide by the spirit of agreement on denuclearization”

The Ministry of Unification said in a statement that North Korea must abide by the spirit of the agreement on denuclearization in connection with the recent detection of nuclear-related activities such as the Yongbyon nuclear facility in North Korea.

An official from the Ministry of Unification said, “North Korea’s nuclear activities are not only in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, but North Korea has reached agreements on complete denuclearization several times between the two Koreas and through Singapore statements.”

“The spirit of this agreement and the purpose of the UN Security Council resolution must be observed,” the official said.

IAEA Secretary-General Rafael Grosi updated the monitoring status of the North Korean nuclear program yesterday (24th) and analyzed that new annexes were being built on the site of the Yongbyon nuclear facility, and movements were also occurring in the Kangseon nuclear facility and the Pyongsan uranium mine.

38 North, a US media specializing in North Korea, also reported that additional commercial satellite images showed signs that North Korea was operating a 5 MW (megawatt) nuclear reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear facility.

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