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Melanie Müller: Spotted holding hands with another man: “He comforts me”

Melanie Müller
Spotted holding hands with another man: “He comforts me”

Melanie Müller

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Melanie Müller is currently going through “a difficult time”. She finds support with her friends, as current recordings show.

Ballermann star and “Celebrity Big Brother” winner Melanie Müller, 33, is not having an easy time of it. “At last I stood there alone for the last few weeks, which was very difficult for me. I no longer have any strength,” she describes her current emotional state in the “Bild” newspaper.

Melanie Müller about her difficult time

The tabloid shows photos of her holding hands with another man. “Good friends who do not want to take advantage of myself stand behind me during this difficult time and are there for me. Fortunately, in addition to my friends, I also have a shoulder with Uwe to lean on,” she says of this man.

“I tried everything to save the marriage”

Melanie Müller has been married to Mike Blümer since 2014 and they have two children. The viewers of the Sat.1 reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” were able to experience the crisis in their marriage in a touching encounter between the two of them live on the show. “Before and during ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Mike and I had our problems. Afterwards I tried everything to save the marriage. But Mike wanted to keep his distance and have time for himself,” said Müller. Looking back, she explains further: “It was very difficult for me to come to terms with it and it made me sad. I was often at the end of my emotional strength and still tried to do it.”

Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer

Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer

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But that obviously didn’t work and so she sticks to her friends, but: “He [Uwe] but is neither my new partner nor an affair. He comforts me. He’s helping me in a difficult time and I’m grateful for that. “

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