Illegal camera installation in female teacher’s bathroom, elementary school principal fired


The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education announced that it has decided to fire and dispose of Anyang Mo Elementary School principal A, who was caught installing illegal cameras in the bathroom of a female teacher at an elementary school where he works.

Mr. A is currently dismissed from his position, and dismissal is the highest level of disciplinary action.

Person A, who was arrested and charged with violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, is accused of secretly installing a small camera inside the bathroom of a female teacher at an elementary school where she is the principal.

He is also accused of filming a woman’s body with his cell phone.

A small camera that Mr. A installed near the toilet was discovered by a school employee who was about to use the toilet and notified the school.

The police were suspicious of Mr. A’s reluctance to report even though he was a school administrator, so after an interview, he confirmed the crime and made an emergency arrest.

Six videos of victim B’s body and three photos were found on A’s cell phone.

At the beginning of the investigation, Mr. A claimed that there was no sexual intention as to the reason for installing the camera in the bathroom, but in the subsequent investigation, he overturned his statement, saying, “I admit that I committed the crime for sexual purposes.”

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