Sunday, November 28

“I reported it 100 times…” Every day at a restaurant in the city center

At a restaurant in downtown Ulsan, there was a report that a professional gambling board with large sums of money is being played every night.

A nearby resident reported to the police more than 100 times, but to no avail, UBC reporter Bae Yoon-ju covered it.

In the center of the table surrounded by middle-aged men and women, piles of 1,000 won bills are piled up.

However, what you have in your hand is a bundle of 10,000 won, and your stake increases with each exchange of cards.

This is a restaurant tucked away in a downtown alleyway.

The reporters try to get in as a guest, but the owner of the restaurant blocks them.

[(식사할 수 있어요?) 아니요. 지금 안 돼요. 단체 손님이 계모임 한다고.]

Neighbors say they have gathered every night, up to 10 people, since 1 year ago.

It is a professional gambling board that goes beyond friendship.

[인근 상인 : 할머니는 집 빌려주고 자릿세 받고 술 팔고. 그중에 여자는 (돈) 떨어지면 대주고. 망보는 사람 있고. 경찰차 오는가, 안 오는가, 그거만 (봐요.)]

One unbearable resident complains that he has reported it to the police nearly 100 times so far.

[인근 주민 : 치고받고 의자로 사람 때리고 테이블 다 부러질 정도로. 제가 신고한 것만 거의 100번 가까이 되고요. (경찰이 와도) 3분에서 5분 정도 사람들 싸우는 거 잠깐 말려놓고 (가고.)]

The police and the competent ward office have booked several times for gambling and violating the Food Sanitation Act, and have also imposed a business suspension, but to no avail.

[관할 지구대 관계자 : 인근 소란으로 스티커 끊어주는 그거밖에 없지. 그걸 다 법적으로, 강제적으로 어떻게 할 방법이 없어요.]

Illegal gambling that has infiltrated downtown alleyways and ridiculed public authorities cannot be uprooted.

(Video coverage: Kim Young-kwan UBC)

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