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HP Baxxter: The “Scooter” front man is single again

H.P. Baxxter
The “Scooter” front man and friend Lysann have split up

HP Baxxter and Lysann Geller

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Scooter front man HP Baxxter is single again. The singer and the 29-year-old Lysann Geller had “separated amicably” “already in July” after five years of relationship.

Scooter front man HP Baxxter, 57, and Lysann Geller, 29, “already separated amicably in July” after five years together. The musician confirms this to the “Bild” newspaper.

HP Baxxter: Separation after five years, but still in contact

He does not name a solid reason for separation. Rather, it was “a creeping process”. “Sometimes things don’t go together that way and suddenly you’re alienated,” he says. And adds: “With us, love became friendship. In many relationships it is different.” The two are still in regular contact – which is also proven by photos that they showed together at a vintage car rally in Hamburg at the end of September.

they have themselves "already separated amicably in July": Scooter front man HP Baxxter and Lysann Geller - here with one

They “parted ways in July”: Scooter frontman HP Baxxter and Lysann Geller – here at a classic car event in September 2021.

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Scooter singer reveals how his ex is doing now

While he is currently working on new music, his ex-partner is in New York. “She just had to go out, is there with a friend. She is fine,” says Hans Peter Geerdes, as he was originally called, about the trip to the USA.

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