How online bargain hunters protect themselves


Black Friday
How online bargain hunters protect themselves

The vast majority of bargain hunters go hunting online on Black Friday.

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November 26th is Black Friday and customers are attracted by mega discounts. In order not to be ripped off, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

On Black Friday, several billion euros are at stake for the German economy. The bridge day after Thanksgiving, the American harvest festival, is the world’s biggest day of shopping. Companies around the world try to lure old and new customers with mega discounts. But they use a few tricks to do this. Anyone who knows the tricks of the companies protects themselves against fraud and can really save – even on Cyber ​​Monday.

Don’t fall for fake shops

Fake online shops are booming on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. They advertise with prices that put the competition in the shade despite their discounts and offer products that, in case of doubt, are not available. If the most modern smartphones are significantly cheaper than those of the well-known competition or if there are suspiciously many Playstation 5 in stock, special caution should be exercised. Before bargain hunters strike here, they should do their research and read reviews about the providers. Fake shops often reveal themselves through unusual payment options such as crypto currencies or direct transfers. With little helpers like Googles “Safe Browsing Tool” Users can also check web addresses for their security.

Be vigilant about phishing

Especially around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, scammers send phishing emails that look confusingly similar to those of real providers such as Amazon, PayPal and Co. Customers are asked to re-enter their credit card information. The thing is actually quite simple: Serious companies will never email their customers to send sensitive information by email. Criminals, on the other hand, try to fool less experienced online shoppers.

Know the right prices

Shortly before Black Friday, providers often raise their prices so that they can really tumble on the day of the action. If you are aiming for a specific item, you should have followed the price development over the past few weeks. On price comparison sites such as “Idealo” or “”, the temperature curve can be viewed retrospectively and a price alarm clock can be set up. The consumer advice center also offers an online shop that knows the different price developments and makes recommendations – right through to the appropriate time of day to search for specific products.

Trick cookies

The consumer advice center recommends shopping on the Internet as anonymously as possible. Because: which goods are displayed at which price can differ from user to user. What kind of surfing behavior can be derived from the cookies? From which device does the user access the online shop? Where does he or she live? In order to receive the best possible offers from the providers, it can therefore be worthwhile to delete your cookies in advance and to go to the dealer with an anonymized IP address.

Do not allow yourself to be put under pressure

On top of that, the companies like to work in their online shops on Black Friday with psychological tricks such as countdowns, individual lightning offers or the display of scarce remaining stocks. All of this triggers buying pressure and suggests the great popularity of the offers. Those who do not allow themselves to be put under pressure by such marketing tricks and instead continue to compare, can ultimately be really sure of their purchase decision.


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