Hashtag #wewollenKarl is boiling up again


SPD expert Karl Lauterbach
Hashtag #wewollenKarl is boiling up again

Will Karl Lauterbach be the next Minister of Health?

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It is now clear that the SPD will provide the health minister. For many, it is obvious who this has to be: #wewollenKarl.

The office of health minister is likely to be one of the most unpopular and ungrateful jobs in Germany these days. The increasingly disgraced CDU politician Jens Spahn (41), which has now resulted in the agreement in the traffic light coalition agreement, will be replaced by a member of the SPD over the next four years. Who does this have to be? Numerous users of the Twitter platform already agree on this.

The hashtag #wirwollenKarl, which has been circulating on the internet for a long time, has since celebrated a comeback that is difficult to ignore. As one of the few, many users agree, SPD expert and epidemiologist Professor Karl Lauterbach (58) always kept calm during the corona pandemic, but also did not raise false hopes and talk briskly.

“Competent” and “factual”

And so, under the # wirwollenKarl banner, there are now various slogans that are busy advertising Lauterbach on Twitter. Approximately “… because you can also be competent as a Federal Minister”, “… because many people only voted for the SPD because of him” or “… because he remains matter-of-fact and level-headed when oathers are once again spreading absolute nonsense.”

As proof that Lauterbach practices what he preaches, the sharply criticized image of the new SPD parliamentary group is also used, which caused indignation at the beginning of October 2021. A mask on the face of the tightly packed politicians can only be seen in the group photo – Karl Lauterbach is one of the very few exceptions.

Does he even want?

But what does Lauterbach himself say about the office of health minister of the federal government? On the show “RTL Direkt” he was in the running for the explosive position: “I’ve been in this field for a long time, so it would be a surprise if I basically didn’t want to do that.” At the same time he attested: “But there are others who can do that, this is not about me.”



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