Sunday, November 28

Germany’s ‘political chameleon’ Scholz to succeed Merkel

The Social Democratic Party candidate Olaf Scholz, who is likely to be the next German chancellor after Angela Merkel, is expected to inherit most of the policies of the former Chancellor.

The New York Times said in an article on Scholz on the 24th local time that the observation that Scholz would succeed Chancellor Merkel’s policy direction in the field of internal affairs and foreign affairs is predominant.

In particular, in the field of diplomacy, as Chancellor Merkel introduced Candidate Scholz to the heads of state at the summit of 20 major countries, it is expected that the existing trend will continue.

“Don’t expect too many changes,” said Nils Schmidt, foreign policy spokesperson for the Social Democrats.

However, if pressure from conservative coalition partners increases on diplomatic issues such as the Polish-Belarus border issue and the increase in Russian troops near Ukraine, there is a possibility that Merkel will take a different response.

Scholz has been a lifetime member of the Social Democrats and has been at the forefront of German politics for more than 20 years.

Scholz, who has demonstrated expertise in the field of labor law, actively defended workers’ rights as a lawyer, but also advocated for labor market reform policies, including wage cuts and welfare cuts, during Schröder’s early 2000s as Prime Minister.

The New York Times reported that when candidate Scholz first entered the House of Representatives, he agreed with a left-leaning colleague, and recently, there are many evaluations that he is a right-wing candidate.

The New York Times described Candidate Scholz as a ‘political chameleon’ and evaluated that there were times when it was difficult to grasp the ‘ideological map’ as a politician who pursues practicality.

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