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As you can see, Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon and former Vice Chairman Kim Jong-in are still unable to narrow the gap of their thoughts. One of the reasons is that the power of the people’s predecessors’ leadership system was designed in a complicated way. Reporter Park Won-kyung pointed out what kind of insider is contained in the structure of going down to the general election, then to the standing position, and then to the co-election chairperson again.

The leadership of the Election Countermeasures Committee, conceived by Candidate Seok-yeol Yoon for People’s Strength, has a three-level structure.

The one-top is the general election chairperson, standing under it, and again the joint election chairperson is located below it.

Major decision-making that will determine the victory or defeat of an election is made in general, but standing members also have authority at the level of representatives of the party.

The Joint Election Chairperson directs the work of each field.

However, Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the emergency response committee, opposes the title of ‘standing’.

[김종인/전 국민의힘 비상대책위원장 : 상임선대위원장이 뭐 때문에 필요한지 내가 잘 이해를 못 하는 사람이기 때문에.]

However, it is analyzed that the reason why Candidate Yoon does not back down is that he has the intention to bring in all three seaweed including Kim Jong-in, Kim Byung-jun, and Kim Han-gil, but to check the solo drinking of a specific person.

However, in the conservative party, this system is quite different from the 2012 presidential election, which had only the co-election chairperson, and the 2017 presidential election campaign, which had the co-election chairperson under a standing position.

Compared to the Democratic Party, which has only a standing and co-election chairperson, it has a heavy head.

[이재오/전 의원 (2007년 이명박 선대위 부위원장) : 상임선대위원장이 있으면 총괄선대위원장이라는 것은 필요 없습니다. 총괄선대위원장으로 김종인 씨를 두겠다 하는 건 위인설관입니다.]

It is even more problematic when there is a power conflict.

[이재오/전 의원 (2007년 이명박 선대위 부위원장) : 상부 구조가 불필요하게 많아지면 후보가 헷갈립니다. 그럼 후보가 누구 말을 들어야 할지도 모르는 경우가 있잖아요.]

The power of the people only stipulated in the party rules that the central election committee had a chairperson, but no specific organizational system was set.

As the party constitution guarantees the ‘priority of party affairs’ of presidential candidates, the candidate sets the election committee frame.

The prolonged conflict between the ‘election candidate’ and the ‘kingmaker’ is also burdensome for the candidate, so it seems difficult to wait for former Chairman Kim.

It is an evaluation that Yoon’s next choice and what kind of political power he will exert are put to the test.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-gi, video editing: Choi Hye-young)

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