“Gemini, the friend of the stump”…these horoscopes are the best at giving advice


07:00 pm

Thursday 25 November 2021

Written by – Nour Jamal

When looking for the right advice and guidance, turn to someone who is wise, calm, and thoughtful.

Many may be smart, but there are only a few who know how to get their advice to anyone in the right way.

In this way, we show you the best horoscopes that give advice, according to the “timesofindia” website.

1- Capricorn:

They always help you to know which plan to follow, and make you through all your troubles because they are very wise to give the right direction and advice.

2- Pisces

The owners of this sign are the comfortable shoulder for their companions, and the best at providing emotional advice when needed, and anyone can talk to Pisces when they lose the passion in life, they can sit quietly by your side to give you comfort as well as space.

3- Virgo:

They are very clear and direct in their speech, no matter how uncomfortable you feel, they will speak the bitter and harsh truth just so you can learn and correct your mistakes, their advice is always effective so you can count on them for real guidance, they are also very famous for their analytical skills, So it is better to listen to Virgo.

4- Gemini

“The Jada’s Companion”, they are always ready to help you in any difficult situation, they will evaluate their situations in life with yours and then come up with the best solution to your problem, they are great listeners.

5- Libra:

You don’t even need to tell them you’re in trouble, they can easily sense that you’re not okay without talking, and he will help you balance things out, and give you advice with love.


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