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Füst Albert in a new interview: Gabriella and Jacques go to school in the palace because of Charlène

Prince Albert
Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques go to school in the palace

From left to right: Princess Charlène, Princess Gabriella, Prince Albert and Prince Jacques

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In a new interview, Prince Albert talks about Princess Charlène’s recovery in a clinic – and reveals why they took their children Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques out of school.

For a good six months, Prince Albert, 63, has had to repeatedly comment on the worrying state of health of Princess Charlène, 43, who also holds the life of the Monegasque princely family under its spell. In a new interview with the French illustrated “Paris Match”, he gives a health update on his wife, who has recognized “that she needs help” and is currently recovering in a clinic outside the principality due to “mental and physical exhaustion”. Albert revealed this recently in an interview with “People”.

But there is another situation that bothered the family of four: the school situation of their children Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, both 6. At the end of October, the princely couple decided to have their twins taken out of school. He is now revealing the reason to “Paris Match”.

Prince Albert: “It’ll make things easier …”

At the beginning of September Gabriella and Jacques started school – but only in the presence of their father. Charlène unfortunately missed this important day because she was stuck in her home country South Africa from mid-May to early November due to a severe ear, nose and throat infection.

The beginning of her new adventure at the Catholic François d’Assise School near the Prince’s Palace ended again at the end of October. A surprising decision, which Prince Albert now explains.

“She [Gabriella und Jacques] miss her mother, “emphasizes the regent, adding that” her [ihre Mutter] Support her recovery by sending her lots of love. “It makes the stressful situation easier,” that Jacques and Gabriella are now going to school in the palace. “It is possible that the public school environment is just too much for the six-year-olds and they feel feel more comfortable in the protected surroundings of the palace? One can only speculate.

Gabriella’s and Jacques everyday school life should nevertheless be as normal as possible

Albert reveals that the twins don’t have to do without a normal school day, “because there are four of their classmates, two boys and two girls [im Palast] joined them and are taught by the same teachers. “He emphasizes that it would not be a big change for Gabriella and Jacques. The reason: They were taught in the palace” last year “due to the pandemic.

That is also another reason why the children are currently not going to school. The decision that her twins would be taught with four other students in the palace was made by the prince and his wife.

Princess Charlène and Albert: “Our marriage is not in danger”

Albert also comments on Charlène’s state of health in the interview and wants to clear up rumors of crisis around her marriage again. Only a few days after her arrival in Monaco on November 8th, the princess decided to be admitted to a clinic. Albert did not want to reveal the exact location and the reasons in interviews and a press release – as this time.

Nevertheless, he emphasizes again that the ex-swimmer was “really exhausted” after the numerous operations and will now “finally recover outside of Monaco”. The fact that she is repeatedly separated from Albert is attributed solely to her “worrying state of health”. In doing so, he drops the clear and precise statement: “We miss Charlène and our marriage is not in danger”.

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