“Extension of safe fare system”… Cargo solidarity strike for three days


Truck drivers went on a general strike for three days starting yesterday (26th) to extend the ‘safe fare system’ that guarantees the lowest fare and to expand the scope of the system. There were no major physical collisions, but in some cases logistical disruptions occurred.

This is reporter Hyung-woo Hyung.

A general strike was held in 16 locations across the country.

Most of the 23,000 union members participated, said the Cargo Solidarity.

[우리가 멈추면 세상이 멈춘다.]

The core requirement of the Cargo Solidarity is the overall expansion of the safe fare system.

The government has implemented a safe fare system that guarantees the lowest fares to freight workers who transport import/export containers and cement, but demanded that the three-year sunset system be extended until the end of next year and expanded to all trucks.

By reducing speeding and overloading, public safety is guaranteed and the livelihood of truck drivers can be maintained.

[이봉주/화물연대 위원장 : 국민의 안전을 지키는 투쟁이 될 것입니다. 화물노동자의 인간다운 삶을 반드시 쟁취하는 투쟁이 될 것입니다.]

They also advocate for the recognition of workers’ rights, such as workers’ compensation insurance.

At the Uiwang Terminal where the cargo solidarity of the Gyeonggi region in Seoul had gathered, there was no major confusion except for the vehicle being stopped at one time.

[시멘트협회 관계자 : 화물트럭을 가져다가 정문을 가로막고 실력행사를 하고 있어서 운송이 중단되고 있고요.]

The Cargo Regiment has announced that it will hold a second indefinite strike if the demands are not resolved even after this three-day general strike.


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