Europe fears slowing economic recovery amid re-spread of COVID-19


CNN Business reports that economic recovery in 19 countries using the euro may be slowed by a resurgence of the coronavirus.

The impact of the re-spreading of COVID-19 on the economy is still limited, but there is a possibility that the recovery may slow if blockades such as lockdowns that curtail economic activity spreads.

He also observed that the eurozone could face a difficult winter in consideration of China’s slowing economic growth, rising prices, and energy supply shortages.

Austria and Slovakia recently entered lockdown again due to the re-spread of Corona 19, and the number of infections is also increasing in Germany, Europe’s largest economy.

According to the World Health Organization’s weekly epidemiological report, there were about 2.43 million new cases of COVID-19 in Europe reported on the 15th and 21st, accounting for 67% of the world’s new cases.

This is an 11% increase compared to a week ago, and Europe has the highest incidence rate of 260.2 cases per 100,000 population.

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