Erotic pictures on Instagram


Erotic pictures on Instagram

Even when she is over 60, Madonna still makes a name for herself with suggestive photos

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With a new series of photos on Instagram, the singer is currently heating up tempers. However, the pictures shouldn’t be online for long.

Madonna (63) still masters the art of shocking the mainstream. The Queen of Pop posted on Instagram now a series of photos that many people will talk about once again.

In the ten pictures, the singer lolls in high heels, fishnet tights, thong and lace bra on, next to and under a bed. The poses are no less sexy: once she bites into the bed frame, once she presents her bum to the camera while lying under the bed.

“Angels watch over me”

It is unlikely that the pictures will stay online for long: some of them also show their nipples – actually a no-go on the platform. If you haven’t seen Madonna in a long time, you might be surprised who you are looking at: The 63-year-old’s face is smooth, the lips appear enlarged. Madonna writes about the photos: “Angels watch over me”, with which she alludes to an angel sculpture above the bed.

The shoot is not only well received by her almost 17 million followers: Some advise Madonna to edit her pictures less, others say that she doesn’t need “that”. A user writes: “Dear, I think the angels flew away a long time ago.”


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