“Couple Challenge”: bullying scandal behind the scenes


After participating in the RTL program “Couple Challenge”, candidate Isi Glück, 30, now openly revealed what should have happened behind the scenes of the reality show …

“Couple Challenge”: Candidates were bullied out

For the Victory in the “Couple Challenge” Unfortunately, it was not enough in the case of Isi Glück and her Mallorca colleague Julian Benz, 29. Nevertheless, the Ballermann singer emerges stronger from her first reality TV show. Because: She made it, hers Fear of heights to overcome.

In an interview with “Bild” she spoke openly about the time in the RTL program, which was not always easy. That was not only due to the tough challenges, but also to her TV colleagues:

There were too two girls at, who always wanted to be the center of attention, played the wrong game and one Embarrassing show delivered.

Apparently the behavior of the said candidates went far beyond what was shown in the episodes: “They also started bullying people, messing them up, making them cry and making them to leave the show. Because psychologically they couldn’t take it anymore. They stood up against the whole group. In addition, they expressed themselves at a level where I really thought: You have to distance yourself from them.

Even if Isi doesn’t want to name any names, it should be clear to all viewers which team it is about. One of the two women is said to have already been engaged for the next format.

Isi Glück soon with “Let’s Dance”?

Even if Isi Glück has not only had positive experiences in the “Couple Challenge”, she can still imagine participating in other TV programs:

The biggest challenge was to get the Extreme situations and the different characters to deliver. But we were well looked after by the production and psychologists were always on site. I’ve definitely tasted blood when it comes to the reality TV business and I can imagine doing other formats – especially those with a sporting background, such as ‘Kampf der Realitystars’ or ‘Let’s Dance’.

You can read more about “Couple Challenge” and Isi Glück here:

Sources used: Picture, RTL


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