Country house in the mountains… It turns out that a fast-growing hemp plant


A group of people who secretly cultivated cannabis in a country house in a rare place have been arrested. It turned out that they bought the equipment needed to grow hemp through direct purchase from overseas and grew it quickly in three months.

This is KNN reporter Kang So-ra.

The police raid a country house in the hills where there are few people.

In 60 pots in the room, green leafy plants are growing.


Two people, including Mr. A, turned their house into a hemp plant to avoid people’s eyes.

Hemp cultivation uses a hydroponics equipment that quickly germinates and grows seeds with sap mixed with nutrients.

Hemp, which takes a year to grow to full growth, was quickly grown in 3 months while accelerating growth using lighting and a hot air heater.

The police believe that they may have attempted to distribute and produce 300 cannabis stocks for one year and five months from February last year using this method.

[이기응/부산경찰청 마약수사계장 : 장기 코로나19 사태로 인해서 국내에서 대마 등 마약류를 생산·공급하려는 시도가, 그리고 사례들이 최근에 많이 적발되고 있습니다.]

Customs, who was suspicious of the multiple imports of cannabis growers overseas, worked with the police to find it.

[부산본부 세관 조사관 : 동일한 자가 받음에도 불구하고 분산 반입을 하는 게 의심스러웠고 또한 해외 직구한 용품들 자체가 약간 대마를 재배할 수 있는 그런 용품들이었습니다.]

The police have arrested Mr. A on suspicion of growing hemp, etc., and are tracking the distribution route of the cultivated hemp.

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