Barbara Meier talks about the challenges as a tiger


“The Masked Singer”
Barbara Meier talks about the challenges as a tiger

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The TV news in the GALA ticker: Barbara Meier speaks for the first time about her experiences with “The Masked Singer” +++ “Let’s Dance”: Daniel Hartwich jokes about Christina Luft and Luca Hänni +++ “Bauer sucht Frau” fans angry : Nils rejects the lady in waiting Sabrina.

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25. November 2021

Barbara Meier talks about the challenges of “The Masked Singer”

Barbara Meier, 35, had a special position on “The Masked Singer” this year. The model didn’t have to perform live on stage like her colleagues, but just slipped into the role of the white tiger online. After the unmasking on November 20, 2021, she was relieved and happy. “I had a lot of fun slipping into the role of my absolute favorite tiger. After a short break from illness, the GNTM winner is now reporting to her fans with further insights into” The Masked Singer “.

For the 35-year-old, the show was a great challenge because she had never sung in front of an audience before. “I definitely can’t sing either,” Barbara Meier reveals to her fans. To participate, she had to “leave her comfort zone”. She does not regret this step. “It was really really nice, it’s an incredibly great team on this show.” The woman from Amberg was even allowed to perform her favorite song: “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. Little daughter Marie-Therese also benefited from her mom’s participation: The little one received a white tiger in the form of a cuddly toy that “can finally go for a walk with me”.

Barbara Meier out and about with her daughter

24. November 2021

Daniel Hartwich reveals secret about “Let’s Dance” couple

Since Luca Hänni, 27, and Christina Luft, 31, fell in love with “Let’s Dance” in 2020, the singer and the dancer have been inseparable. Now the couple are planning to move to Switzerland together – a love nest has already been found. Rumors of a possible PR relationship persist. Daniel Hartwich, 43, is someone who needs to know exactly what the relationship between Luca and Christina is. On the current “Let’s Dance” tour, he clears up the speculations and even reveals a secret.

On November 22nd, 2021 the dancers made the start on the stage in Braunschweig. Reason enough for moderator Daniel Hartwich to clarify something again: “If you think this turtle is pure PR, no, they really mean it – and how,” he emphasizes. Then he added with a grin: “In the hotel everyone always wants a room a long way away from them.”

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23. November 2021

“Bauer sucht Frau” fans are angry: Nils cancels Sabrina

Farmer Nils angered the audience with his behavior towards his lady-in-waiting Sabrina. The “farmer is looking for a wife” candidate invites the blonde over and lets him help with the farm work. And Sabrina has no problem with that and lends a hand – together the two of them muck out the chicken coop and do other farm work. Nevertheless, when asked about his feelings, the mother cow farmer reveals to the 28-year-old educator: “I haven’t really developed feelings for you yet” – and sends the disappointed Sabrina home, who can’t hold back a few tears.

Many fans are angry and sure that Nils didn’t give Sabrina a real chance. Many vent their anger on Twitter. “Sabrina, you deserve better and with Nils I really wonder what his expectations are” or “I don’t like Nils. Sabrina tries hard and I think he expects too much. But doesn’t give anything back himself”, are just a few of the many reactions from disgruntled Twitter users. And the fans are not enthusiastic about that either: As announced in the trailer, Nils will meet a new lady-in-waiting named Vanessa in the next episode. “Vanessa and Nils? Never,” annoyed a user on the net.

Suckler cow farmer Nils with Sabrina (l.), Vanessa (m.) And Katharina (r.)

Suckler cow farmer Nils with Sabrina (l.), Vanessa (m.) And Katharina (r.)

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

22. November 2021

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Thomas and Jessy have separated again

It just shouldn’t be: Thomas Willms and his Jessy have split up again. Jessy has now confirmed this to “Promiflash”: “Thomas and I are on good terms apart. […] We had a great time. “It just didn’t work out.

Thomas and Jessy, who are 27 years apart in age, spoke in the same way when they made love for the first time. The relationship lasted seven months at the time. “We separated on good terms,” ​​said the farmer in March 2021 at “Bild”. It stopped working. “A few little things have led to it, so it’s no longer a relationship. But we’re still friends.”

Then the two became a couple again. So now the second attempt has also failed.

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