32 mutations in the spike protein… A new mutation is prevalent in South Africa, etc.


▲ Corona 19 virus electron microscope image

Scientists are keen on the discovery of a variant of the coronavirus that reflects dozens of mutations, The Guardian reported.

The coronavirus uses a spike protein to penetrate cells, and this mutant has 32 mutations in the ‘spike protein’.

Since the mutant was first discovered in Botswana, Africa, on the 11th of last month, two more cases have been confirmed, followed by six cases in South Africa and one case in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong case was a man who had visited South Africa for 20 days and was confirmed while in quarantine after returning home.

South Africa’s Ministry of Health officially confirmed the occurrence of the new mutation and said that the mutated virus is of serious concern as it has been cited as the background of the recent surge in the number of confirmed cases.

(Photo courtesy of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Yonhap News)


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