141 couples with more than 3 million won per month in National Pension… Maximum amount of 4.35 million won


The number of beneficiaries of the national pension for both married couples increases every year, reaching close to 500,000 couples.

In particular, the number of married couples living with a national pension of 3 million won or more each month was counted as 141 couples.

According to the National Pension Service today (26th), as of July of this year, the number of beneficiaries of the National Pension Couple reached 470,088.

Since the introduction of the National Pension System in 1988, the number of married couple beneficiaries has increased to 297,473 couples in 2017, 298,733 couples in 2018, 355,382 couples in 2019, and 427,467 couples in 2020. If the trend continues, it is likely to exceed 500,000 pairs by the end of this year or early next year.

The combined average pension for married couples is 837,411 won per month.

The number of couples receiving more than 3 million won per month in the combined national pensions of husbands and wives was the first of three couples in 2017, followed by 6 couples in 2018, 29 couples in 2019, and 70 couples in 2020. reached

Couples receiving more than 2 million won per month are 5826 couples, and couples receiving more than 1 million won a month are 135,410 couples.

The maximum amount for a married couple was 4,354,109 won per month, and the combined pension amount exceeded 4 million won per month for the first time.

The couple, who live in Haeundae-gu, Busan, both joined the National Pension System in January 1988.

The husband paid the national pension until August 2013 and the wife until December 2014, and now they are receiving 2,13,114 won and 2,223,995 won a month, respectively.


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