Yonhap News, labor and management to find out the truth about ‘article-type advertising’


Establishment of the ‘Strengthening of Public Responsibilities’ Discussion Organization
Seeking committees such as ‘Post Portal’

On the afternoon of the 16th, news captions are displayed on the electronic display of the Yonhap News office building in Susong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. By Lee Jung-ah, staff reporter [email protected]

Yonhap News, whose alliance status was downgraded from the portal due to the issue of ‘article-type advertising’, is preparing a plan to strengthen public responsibility through the labor-management joint committee. Yonhap News announced on the 23rd that a labor-management joint committee, ‘Strengthening Yonhap News’ Public Responsibility’, was launched, chaired by President Sung Ki-hong and union chairman Roh Jae-hyun. Regarding this organization, which consists of 14 members, 7 on both sides of the labor and management, Yonhap News explained, “It contains the joint self-reflection and will of renewal between the labor and management in relation to the article-type advertisement that caused the portal company to cancel the news content partnership contract.” The committee plans to establish a reoccurrence prevention system by identifying the facts such as the production process of article-type advertisements, while preparing various reform measures related to securing the publicity of content and strengthening the internal compliance system. It was revealed that Yonhap News had created a dedicated department outside the editorial office to transmit press releases as if they were articles written by reporters. Yonhap News, which filed an injunction to suspend the effect of contract termination with the court, has also ‘suspended’ the new contract due to the change of status. Accordingly, Yonhap News articles since the 18th have disappeared from the news section of the portal and have not been searched for. Yonhap News, which receives a subsidy of 30 billion won from the government every year as a national key news agency, has made significant profits with all materials and advertising revenues from portals. reported that it is worth around 100 billion won per year. On the same day, Yonhap News also announced that the ‘Future Strategic Planning Committee’ with three working-level subcommittees, including content reinforcement, multi-platform strategy and new business, and smart management, was launched. In particular, it is noteworthy that he said, “We will prepare a blueprint for the era beyond post portals and portals” through discussion of multi-platform multi-channel strategies. Recently, CEO Sung Ki-hong wrote on the internal bulletin board, “Our goal in the future should never be simply re-entering the portal. A Yonhap News official said about the launch of these two organizations, “It means that we will immediately start innovation based on our own self-esteem.” By Kim Young-hee, staff reporter [email protected]


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