Wizards’ winning recipes…and the birth of ‘Zorojin’ [야구에산다]


[골룸] I live in baseball Section 69: Wizards’ winning recipes…and the birth of ‘Zorojin’

KT won the first unified championship in the 2021 professional baseball regular league.

Let’s hear the secret of winning from KT Wiz’s Park Seung-min and Kim Kang, who showed ‘steel magic’.

Together with the coaches, we will review the famous scenes from the first to the fourth games of the 2021 Korean Series.

Meanwhile, the KBO announced yesterday (22nd) the 2022 professional baseball FA qualification list.

A total of 19 people were on the list, including Choi Jae-hoon, who emerged as the biggest catcher.

Recorded on: November 22nd

Host: Caster Jung Woo-young, Reporter Seong-hoon Lee / Cast: Coach Seung-min Park, coach Kim Kang

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