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Volker Lechtenbrink: The actor died at the age of 77

Volker Lechtenbrink
The actor died at the age of 77

Volker Lechtenbrink († 77)

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Great mourning for the actor and director Volker Lechtenbrink. As his agency announced, Lechtenbrink passed away on November 22nd, 2021.

Volker Lechtenbrink died at the age of 77. This has now been announced by his agency. Accordingly, the director succumbed to the consequences of a serious illness – what exactly it is is not known. Lechtenbrink was with the family in the last hours of his life.

Volker Lechtenbrink wanted to celebrate a stage comeback

Lechtenbrink was born on August 18, 1944 in Cranz. “Shortly after his 77th birthday in August this year, he received the Gustaf Gründgens Prize 2021 in Hamburg’s Ernst-Deutsch-Theater,” says the agency’s official website.

The family has not yet commented on the death of the popular actor and singer.

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