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US musician became a father

Aaron Carter
US musician became a father

Aaron Carter became a father.

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Aaron Carter became a father. The birth was evidently not easy. He reports an “emergency caesarean section after 13 hours of labor”.

US musician Aaron Carter (33) and his fiancée Melanie Martin have become parents. The couple welcomed a young boy named Prince Lyric Carter on November 22nd.

“Emergency Caesarean section after 13 hours of labor, but my fiancée is in excellent health, thank God and the incredibly sweet, loving staff here,” wrote Carter on Monday night on Instagram.

“Prince is precious, I love you, my son. Your mommy loves you while I shed tears on the phone,” the post said. The photo shows him cutting the umbilical cord. He addressed these loving words to the new mother: “I am so proud of you, Hunny, you made it. I love you with all my heart, my beautiful God’s blessing.”

Baby happiness after miscarriage

Carter and Martin’s child was born 17 months after their miscarriage was announced. “She suffered a stressful miscarriage,” Carter revealed on a YouTube livestream. “We’re going to give her some time, let her heal, and then we’ll try again. We both want that. I have to take care of her.”

The couple got engaged last June after repeatedly reconciling and breaking up.


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