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The truth of Chun Doo-hwan’s ‘290,000 won’ who endured “I can’t pay the fine in full even if I die”

Chun Doo-hwan. Hankyoreh file photo

‘It is impossible to pay a penalty in full even if you die’. Chun Doo-hwan, who died on the morning of the 23rd, has not paid the state in fines amounting to 95.6 billion won. When the ‘Chun Doo-hwan Collection Act’ was enacted in 2013, 71.6 billion won decreased compared to 167.2 billion won, but a huge penalty is still unpaid. In a memoir published in 2017, Jeon expressed his displeasure with the fines imposed on him, saying, “I am told to ask for political funds that have already been used” and “It is impossible to pay in full even if I die.” The Supreme Court judged all of the 220.5 billion won in political funds received during the presidency as bribes and decided to collect them, making people think that he was carrying this money with him when he retired. The controversy over the ‘290,000 won’ was the most explicit showing Jeon’s behavior of holding on to the fine. In his memoir, Jeon argued about the 290,000 won controversy. “The court has notified me to file an inventory. I submitted a list of all properties, including the annex of the private residence where I live, as well as tangible movable property that is worth the price. This list also included interest accrued from dormant accounts of financial assets for which additional collection was executed in 1997, as well as interest of KRW 290,1680. However, some media misrepresented it as if I had written ‘I only have 290,000 won in my property,’ which inadvertently caused misunderstandings. The assets listed on the property list submitted in accordance with the court order were put up for auction in October of that year (2003) and an additional 1.8 billion won was collected.” In 2003, the prosecution applied to the court to submit an inventory of Jeon’s assets (specify assets) to recover 189.1 billion won in unpaid fines as of that year. Jeon submitted to the court an annex of his house in Yeonhui-dong, Seoul (market value of 700-800 million won at the time), jewelry, artworks, musical instruments, and deposits of 290,000 won. Appearing in court, Mr. “I don’t have money” “How do you play golf when you don’t have money” with a judgedid it In response, Jeon said, “The golf course is free for the former president.” He added, “I have no assets entrusted in my name. (The slush fund) was used up for political funds, and now I don’t have a penny. I am living with the help of people I have a relationship with and my son, but they are barely able to make a living, so I can’t ask you to pay a fine instead.” He said, “It’s already used political funds,” “I don’t have a penny right now,” “I barely have enough for my son to live on.” Reporter Nam-il Kim [email protected] ▶Related articles: Chun Doo-hwan, “I have only 290,000 won in savings”

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