The past catches up with “Hawkeye” and seeks to ruin Christmas


For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), “Clint Barton” – who at the same time is “Hawkeye”, “Ronin” and agent of SHIELD – is, among his wide range of superheroes, perhaps “the most human” among all; Now, as part of the plot of the long-awaited television series “Hawkeye” (Hawkeye, 2021), after the snap of “Ironman” that returned the cosmos to its normal state after the disaster unleashed by “Thanos”, “Barton “(Jeremy Renner) will not rest and will have to face, this time with the unexpected company of the young” Kate Bishop “(Hailee Steinfeld), pending issues from his past that seek to eliminate him and that he does not arrive at the Christmas celebrations.

According to Jeremy Renner, who again plays “Hawkeye” on screen, heto the odyssey in which the character will embark “owes much, yes, to the past of ‘Barton‘, but the moment he is going through is one of happiness to regain his family, with the purpose of spending a New York vacation at the end of the year; then, just when he meets ‘Bishop’, the adventure begins ”, he comments Renner in an interview with THE INFORMER.

Background and complexity

Shortly after the first two episodes were released, not much has been revealed about the plot; Although the main writer of the series is Jonathan Igla, it is not yet known to what extent these characters will stick to the plot of the comics –where they spend a very hard and conflictive childhood– And, as Renner clarifies, “I didn’t have to worry about any of that, if they would deal with his childhood or would be more burdened by the loss of ‘Natasha Romanov’ (‘Black Widow’) or the five years of ‘Barton’ as ‘Ronin’, the vigilante ninja, there is a lot that can be covered in a script of this type, but that is what I know so far “.

“Hawkeye” consists of six episodes that will be released one a week, starting this Wednesday, November 24; In this context, after Jeremy Renner clarifies that he does not know the future that awaits his character after this story, in the present he is very much alive.

Importance of humor

Derived from the above, the actor refers that -as something distinctive in many of the MCU films and series- “humor plays an important role; usually comes from tragedy, something that is laughable can arise from a tragic event and, well, my character has a lot of that in his life, he is irreverent (like other Marvel heroes), and next to the energy of ‘ Kate Bishop ‘, a great balance is achieved for this story, one that can be explored and will help shape these characters throughout the series”.

Similarly, the actor abounds, “I think that the idea of ​​humor, especially if it comes from irreverence, is useful so that we can mask our fears or face our relationships, that is surprising and, above all, very human ”.

Make a series

However, after several films in the skin of “Clint Barton”, now starring in a series makes Renner comment that “the feeling is the same; It is a production that in total adds up to six hours. It is true that now it is about a single hero, which represents a challenge, of course, but it is also a great way to tell and transmit a story ”.

Now, adds the actor, “it gives me the impression that it is a small advantage that we have more time to get into these characters, so human and credible, that not only makes them interesting but also separates them from other superheroes in the MCU” .

What’s “Hawkeye” about?

Once the events of the movie “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) have passed, the Avenger “Hawkeye” -the agent “Clint Barton”- you want to spend Christmas with your family but, as any viewer might guess, the past haunts you (one whose last name sounds very Russian) and in the face of this specific threat, he must team up with the young “Kate Bishop”, a 22-year-old archer who wants to become a superhero, but who will have to go through many tests before succeeding.


“Hawkeye” (Hawkeye, 2021)

  • Production house: Disney / Marvel Studios.
  • Directors: Rhys Thomas, Bert and Bertie.
  • Chief Writer: Jonathan Igla.
  • Elenco: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James y Alaqua Cox.
  • Release date: Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

Something different from before

Courtesy / Disney +

On the other hand, for Hailee Steinfeld -in the photo-, becoming part of the MCU now makes her feel “enormously lucky, playing ‘Kate Bishop’ is something different than what I have done before; It represents a challenge similar to other roles, but I think that finding the balance between the emotion and the depth that this heroine projects, between her wonderful heart and her ability to take action, is not easy. For all that it is a great opportunity ”, he shares with this publishing house.

In addition, The young actress does not avoid pointing out that, if she expected something when getting involved with the production, “It’s the action sequences, all the preparation time for the fights and stuff; we have an excellent stunt team. Of course I should have physically prepared myself a bit before going on set, but the whole process was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. “

Example and past

While “Kate Bishop” inspires her actions in the bow-wielding Avenger – “Hawkeye” -, Steinfeld share that there is an even deeper influence: “Although I would admire and take as an example various acts of heroism, my first inspiration would be my parents, my older brother, they are the ones I can rely on for life, in them I discover myself and thanks to them I have become myself.”

Finally, regarding her character’s past, Steinfeld affirms that “it can be assumed that there is something in her past that urges her to train in self-defense and develop her skills, we always see her with the need to help people and Perhaps because of this, it can be inferred that she does not want anyone to suffer what she does ”.



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