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The most daring dress at the Cairo Film Festival in its previous sessions.. who accompanied it?

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Tuesday 23 November 2021

I wrote – Asma Morsi

Art stars are keen to shine on the red carpet, while attending the Cairo Film Festival in its previous sessions.

The looks vary between long and short dresses, but some of them chose more daring designs that sparked controversy.

During the previous sessions of the Cairo International Film Festival, a dress on the red carpet occupied the controversy and led the trend for long days, and before the start of the new session, we will recall with you the details of this look and its owner.

On Red Carpet, at the end of the 40th session, the artist, Rania Youssef, wore a long black dress made of transparent and embroidered jupiter, which many described at the time as “swimsuits”, which was known at the time as “the dress without lining”.

The dress caused complaints against her accusing her of inciting sedition and incitement to “immorality and immorality”, which prompted her at the time to issue a statement of apology for wearing that dress.

And she adopted a strong make-up, as she focused on drawing her eyes and put a nude lipstick, and she chose the hairstyle that fell on her shoulders, and coordinated with the look the shoes in the same color as the dress, and she wore diamond jewelry consisting of a collet, a bracelet, and a ring.

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