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“The devil Chun Doo-hwan lives and dies proudly” The anger of the survivors of the Brotherhood Welfare Center

Interview with Han Jong-sun and Lee Hyang-jik, survivors of the Brothers Welfare Center
“If the evil deeds without an apology are repeated, there will be more victims”

Jongsun Han, representative of the Brothers Welfare Center for the Lost and Free Family of Victims of Victims. File photo

“It makes me angry that I did something like a devil and died proudly without a word of apology.” On the 23rd of the death of Chun Doo-hwan, Han Jong-sun, president of the Brothers Welfare Center for the Disappeared Families of Victims and Survivors, said this in a phone call. “If it becomes established that there is someone who is on your side even if you don’t apologize for your mistake, you will not apologize even if you make a mistake,” said Han. Another victim, Lee Hyang-jik, representative of the Seoul Gyeonggi Victims’ Association of the Brothers Welfare Center, said, “The two former presidents, Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan, are like teacher criminals in the Brothers Welfare Center case.” . The Brothers Welfare Center case is a case of forced labor and abuse by imprisoning children, the disabled, and the homeless in the name of leading the outcasts at the Busan Social Welfare Center Brother Welfare Center between 1975 and 1987. The victims also criticized the remarks related to the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement by Min Jeong-gi, a former Blue House public affairs secretary, a close aide to Chun. In response to the question that Chun did not properly apologize for the 5/18 bloodshed, Min said, “I apologized every number of times.” doesn’t it mean That is the wrong question in itself,” he said. In response, Mr. Han said, “I’ve never said anything like an apology, so I say things like that.” “If you want to send Chun Doo-hwan well, your aides should talk well, but it only increases the cost of your crimes.” Mr. Han said, “If such evil acts without apology are repeated, victims like us will be created again. The 2nd Reconciliation Committee for Truth and Reconciliation (Truth and Reconciliation Committee) is investigating the Brother Welfare Center case as the first case in May. Reporter Hyun-eun Jang [email protected] ▶Related articles: A child who survives and fights in a living hell 26 years ago
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