Starting tomorrow, the application for the national scholarship for the first semester of next year will begin… Expanding support for the working class and the middle class


From tomorrow (24th), the first national scholarship application for the first semester of the 2022 academic year, which has expanded the support for college tuition for low-income families, middle-class families, and families with multiple children, will begin.

The National Scholarship is an income-related scholarship that is provided to college students whose income and property are below a certain level and who meet the academic criteria.

Among the government’s 11 household income categories, the recipients of the Basic Livelihood Recipient and the second-lowest-income bracket are eligible for the national scholarship.

From next year, the system for calculating the scholarship support section has been changed to expand national scholarship support for the low-income and middle class and to reflect the economic difference according to the number of children in multi-child households.

Based on the government plan, the tuition fee for section 5-6 is 3.9 million won per year and section 7-8 is 3.5 million won per year, so the unit price has increased, so that up to section 8, virtually half tuition benefits are returned.

7 million won per year for the first and second-class households, the full tuition fee for the second and above, and full tuition for the third and above children of a multi-child household with 8 or less children.

In order to receive the National Scholarship, students must have a grade of B or higher in the previous semester.

The Ministry of Education is planning to improve the ‘National Scholarship Ⅱ’ type for college students who do not receive support for more than 9 sections and to provide scholarships inside and outside the university to alleviate the burden of tuition.

Applications are open to current students, freshmen, transfer students, re-admitted students, and returning students. and the mobile app ‘Korea Scholarship Foundation’, you can apply by 6 pm on the 30th of the following month.

Applicants must provide consent to provide information on household members and provide necessary documents.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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