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She remembers “good-hearted friend”

Paola Felix and Karl Dall
She remembers “good-hearted friend”

They were colleagues and friends since “Understand Fun”: Paola Felix and the late Karl Dall.

© imago/Christian Schroedter

When Karl Dall died a year ago, he left behind his family and friends who still mourn him to this day. One of them is Paola Felix.

Presenter, singer, actor and comedian Karl Dall (1941-2020) died after a stroke on November 23rd last year in Hamburg. To this day, he is sorely missed not only by his family but also by friends. One of them is the Swiss presenter and singer Paola Felix (71). With her and her husband (1980-2012), the Swiss presenter Kurt Felix (1941-2012), Karl Dall amused the audience of the ARD show “Understand you fun” from 1983 to 2004.

“And now it’s already a year in which no WhatsApp messages, no greetings from Hamburg, no photos with his family from Canada are announced with a ringtone on my cell phone”, says Paola Felix of the “Bild” newspaper. She consoles herself with the “wonderful memories of the time together with Kurt”. Over the years there has been “a nice friendship with him and his family,” says Felix.

Colleagues became friends

Colleagues on the entertainment show became real friends over time. “Karl, Kurt and I met on the show ‘Do you have fun?’ always understood very well. That also carried over into private life and a nice friendship developed, “she says. “We always made people meet again. We never ran out of things to talk about. We could talk for hours about God and the show world, indulge in memories and enjoy a glass or two of our favorite wine,” says Paola Felix, describing the convivial get-togethers .

Karl Dall was “a veteran, a cult comedian” and out of the spotlight a “thoroughly good-hearted family man” – that’s how she remembers him.


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