Senior IBK Industrial Bank seniors in controversy “It’s not true that sabotage is a big wound…”


▲ IBK players rejoicing after scoring 3 sets

Veteran players of the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, women’s volleyball, strongly refuted the allegations of sabotage, saying it was not true.

IBK Industrial Bank won a set score 3-0 in the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 23rd.

IBK Industrial Bank’s first 3-0 win of the season came after the manager was fired.

Acting Sani Kim led the team to escape from the bottom of the team with victory in their debut match as the commander-in-chief.

After the match, Kim Su-ji, Kim Hee-jin, and Pyo Seung-ju answered questions from reporters about what happened at the club recently.

First, Kim Hee-jin said, “We didn’t work hard to win just today. Since then, our performance has been steadily improving,” and “I think the same result came out today because the players did their best to do what they could even in a bad situation.”

It was a statement that seemed to be fully conscious of the suspicion that he had not done his best before that day’s match result.

In fact, as the recent IBK Industrial Bank scandal was talked about, the claim that some senior players had been sabotaging since the days of former coach Kim Woo-jae has been raised.

Kim Su-ji directly refuted some reports that the relationship between director Seo and seniors was not good.

He said, “I think we did our best in our own position. It is true that the performance was not good, but there are nonsense articles that we led, so I want to correct that part.”

He said, “There are sayings that the players ‘sabotaged from last year, they were unfaithful to their training,’ but I don’t think there was any such thing as not attending the training because they rebelled against it,” he said.

Kim Hee-jin also said, “If you talk about it one by one, you’re only hurting the team, but the word sabotage itself hurts the players a lot. It doesn’t suit us,” he said.

Pyo Seung-joo said, “I think it’s only a fight if we have to rebut each article. I think it’s important to show that you’re doing your best.”

Prior to the match, Kim Sani revealed that during training on the 13th, coach Seo Nam-won told him to leave first and there was abusive language in the process.

Kim Su-ji said, “It was a very uncomfortable place for us to feel,” and “I’m not saying we’re taking sides, it’s true that there was such a situation and the players were watching it.”

Still, all three of them kept their mouths shut about what specifically was said.

He also declined to answer the question about why the starting setter Jo Song-hwa had a conflict with Seo, because he was not a party.

Regarding the factors that triggered the simultaneous sacking of manager Seo Nam-won and general manager Yoon Jae-seop, Kim Su-ji said, “This came up when (Jo Song-hwa) left the team, and it was published.

Regarding the discord between the team and the coach, Kim Hee-jin said, “If you’re a professional, you should be like a pro, and if you’re a coach, you should do it like a coach.”

He added, “It’s true that we have a voice for injustice, but the previous directors are the adults we worked with, so we don’t think we’re making a statement.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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