Monday, November 29

SBS Viewer’s Committee, unusual expression of “must continue to agree to the appointment of the general manager”

Members of the SBS headquarters of the media union are calling for the restoration of collective bargaining in the lobby of Mok-dong, Seoul on the 23rd. Provided by SBS union

On the 23rd, the SBS Viewers Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Audience Committee) sent out a statement urging for a rational resolution to both labor and management (SBS) where the unlawful agreement was ongoing. The expression of the position of the Audience Committee, a legal body established in accordance with the Broadcasting Act, is considered exceptional. According to the SBS Headquarters of the National Media Workers’ Union on that day, the Viewers’ Committee delivered recommendations in the name of all members, saying, “It expresses serious concern that the continued state of unlawful agreement and the conflict between labor and management can eventually lead to damage to viewers.” First of all, on October 13, 2017, SBS labor and management agreed on the appointment agreement system, such as the CEO, etc., not a matter between labor and management, but “SBS is a way to secure fairness and independence in the content and organization of news and current affairs education programs. is a promise to viewers, regulators and society as a whole.” In particular, the Audience Committee said, “The majority of the audience members are of the opinion that the agreement on the SBS organization, current affairs education, and the appointment of the head of the press should be maintained. That is the opinion of all the audience members,” he said. The company requested the removal of the clause on the agreement on appointment from the collective agreement on the grounds that the union broke the ‘10.13 Agreement’ due to complaints and accusations against the major shareholder, and notified without permission. clarifying the meaning It is interpreted that the position of the Audience Committee expressed opposition to such a request from the company. Jung Hyung-taek, chairman of the union, said, “The audience members are made up of recommendations from labor and management. The company should take this statement seriously even without a special request.” After the SBS union received an application for mediation of a labor dispute with the Central Labor Relations Commission, it began voting for or against industrial action on the 22nd. On this day, union members gathered in the lobby of the SBS office building in Mok-dong, Seoul and held a protest demanding the restoration of the collective agreement. By Kim Young-hee, senior staff reporter [email protected]

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