Monday, November 29

Russia’s defense minister: U.S. strategic bombers are training to attack Russia this month

Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that U.S. strategic bombers conducted a drill this month to launch a nuclear strike against Russia.

Defense Minister Shoigu said during a video conference with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, “We see that the activities of U.S. strategic bombers near the Russian border have been remarkably activated.”

“In recent months, there have been about 30 US strategic bomber flights near the Russian border, a 2.5-fold increase over the same period last year,” he said.

He added, “This month, as part of the ‘Global Thunder’ exercise, the US military’s strategic force training exercise, 10 strategic bombers were trained to use nuclear weapons almost simultaneously in western and eastern Russia.”

He added that the minimum distance American bombers had reached the Russian border was only 20 kilometers.

The U.S. Strategic Command conducted the Global Thunder Exercise, an annual exercise to check nuclear readiness, starting on the 1st.

This exercise was for nuclear command and control and field training exercises, and was conducted in a way that was conducted against a hypothetical adversary with the goal of assessing areas necessary to improve nuclear readiness and strategic deterrence.

It is known that the exercises included inspections of nuclear bombers, strategic missiles, and nuclear submarines, which are called the three major nuclear forces.

North Korea previously criticized the exercise, calling it “a global nuclear war exercise.”

“A significant increase in the number of flights by US bombers has been observed near the eastern border of Russia,” said Minister Shoigu. It has increased significantly.”

“In these flights, the U.S. bomber crew trained a virtual missile attack using cruise missiles,” he said.

Shoigu also emphasized the importance of Russia-China cooperation in countering the escalating US offensive.

“China and Russia have been strategic partners for many years,” he said.

Prior to this, on the 19th, nine military aircraft from both countries, including four strategic bombers from Russia and China, conducted joint patrol training in the East Sea and the East China Sea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense described the exercise as an annual joint air force exercise with China and emphasized that it was not aimed at a third country, but it is sometimes interpreted as a response to the US global Thunder exercise.

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