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The success of “Luis Miguel: The series” turned thousands of viewers into detectives eager to learn more about the singer’s life, but Luisa Oceguera achieved what no one else could with her threads on Twitter, commenting on each episode. The book “The story behind Luisito Rey” (edited by Planeta) Put all that information together in the most complete biography about the sinister character that everyone loved to hate.

What is the truth of the facts about Luisito Rey? Was he really such a bad father and manager? How did your own story as a child artist affect your treatment of Luis Miguel? What was his scam scheme, which involved his entire family? Did you kill LuisMi’s mother?

Luisa Oceguera answers these and many more questions in “The story behind Luisito Rey”, an indispensable book for fans of “El Sol” and all those who were captivated by the bioserie that paralyzed entire countries.

“If you are reading this, it is because you are intrigued by the life of one of the most cruel, ruthless and tyrannical villains that ever lived. […] You still can’t believe that a father can be so terrible. And more considering that it is based on a real life character. They didn’t write it (not quite). Here, reality is stranger than fiction ”, said the author.

An entire era of the Mexican and Hispanic-American artistic and political world has been described in these pages, spanning from the Spanish postwar period to the production of the Netflix series. Includes links to videos of the songs.

About the writer

Luisa Oceguera is originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, and lives in Mexico City. A lawyer in the financial sector, she has always had a passion for useless data; thus he rose to fame by making threads analyzing the Luis Miguel series. Check facts to tell entertaining real things, and write about pop culture and history on Twitter.



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