Refined with cinnamon, caramel or amaretto: it’s that easy to make hot chocolate


Refined with cinnamon, caramel or amaretto
How to make hot chocolate at home

Cinnamon, caramel or amaretto refine the hot chocolate.

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If you want to treat yourself to something, you can reach for hot chocolate in winter. With these recipes the warm drinking pleasure succeeds.

A hot chocolate is a delicious change from traditional mulled wine during Advent. However, this does not mean the finished powder variant from the supermarket. The warm drink is easy to prepare yourself at home – and it also tastes much more aromatic.

Chocolate and salted caramel

Lovers of dark chocolate and caramel land in seventh heaven with this combination:

Ingredients for four cups: 100 g chocolate (dark), 8 tablespoons caramel spread, 800 ml whole milk, 120 ml whipped cream, 4 pinches of sea salt

Preparation: First put the caramel spread in a bowl and heat it in a water bath, stir in the sea salt. Crush the dark chocolate, bring the milk to the boil. Reduce the heat and stir the chocolate chips into the milk until they are completely dissolved. Whip the cream. Pour hot chocolate into cups, put one icing on each of them and use a fork to spread the caramel sauce onto the cream in strips.

The classic with amaretto and chilli

Red chilli peppers and cinnamon flavor here. A little almond liqueur goes well with it:

Ingredients for four cups: 600 ml milk, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 red chilli pepper, 40 g cocoa powder, 80 g semi-dark couverture, 70 g sugar, 2 tablespoons amaretto

Preparation: Bring the milk and cinnamon to the boil, halve the chilli pepper lengthways and remove the core. Mix the cocoa with the sugar and 100 ml milk until smooth and stir into the rest of the milk with the chilli. Chop the couverture, add and melt. Heat the chocolate and add the amaretto to taste. Pass through a sieve.

A delicious kick of energy

Coffee and chocolate go well with orange:

Ingredients for four cups: 500 ml milk, 1 vanilla pod, orange peel (thinly peeled of untreated fruit), 50 g semi-dark chocolate couverture, 1 double espresso, 4 tbsp Baileys

Preparation: Bring the milk with vanilla pulp and three strips of orange peel to the boil. Chop the couverture and dissolve in it. Add the espresso and season with the whiskey-cream liqueur. Pass through a sieve and enjoy hot.


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