Princess Mako: Revealed! This is what her new luxury life looks like in exile in New York


Princess Mako
That’s how luxurious she lives with Kei Komuro in Exile in New York

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After several setbacks and what is probably the saddest royal wedding in the world, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro can finally start their new life in New York – and that should be quite luxurious.

In New York, Princess Mako, 30, started a new life with her newlywed Kei Komuro, 30, on November 14, 2021. But the start was also bumpy – a condition to which Japan’s former princess should have gotten used to in the last few months – unfortunately.

After all, the daughter of Crown Prince Akishino, 55, and Crown Princess Kiko, 55, expect a far more comfortable living situation in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen instead of a simple apartment like in Tokyo in their new American home. The British “Daily Mail” claims to have found out.

Princess Mako has finally arrived after many low blows

First the media battle in the run-up to her wedding with her college friend Kei, then a meager marriage, at which Mako said she was “not doing well”. The latter is due to negative coverage of kei and pressure from Japan’s people, who in large part opposed their marriage to a commoner.

In addition, Mako’s husband failed his bar exam and her beloved grandfather died in early November shortly after their wedding. The reason for Makos and Keis delayed the start of their new life in the US because the funeral took place on November 13th.

New luxury lifestyle in exile in New York

Now it’s time for the Komuros to finally take a deep breath and arrive – and that should happen in the most comfortable way imaginable. Because after they left Japan amid great media hype and arrived at JFK Airport in New York, the couple is said to have moved into a luxurious one-room apartment in Manhattan, according to the Daily Mail.

Her new home is said to be in an apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen and, according to the website, will cost a whopping $ 4,500. The building also has a yoga studio, a fitness room with peloton bikes, and an outdoor terrace with a barbecue area. It is not yet known exactly how things will continue for Mako professionally in her new adopted home. The English graduate and museologist worked in research at the University of Tokyo.

The niece of the Japanese emperor Naruhito, 61, moved to the US metropolis for her kei. Here Komuro wants to advance his legal career with the law firm Lowenstein Sandler LLP in New Jersey. He has lived in New York since 2017, but returned to Japan to marry Mako on October 26th. The couple met and fell in love during their studies in 2012 at an information event. Their engagement followed in 2017.

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