Monday, November 29

[Pick] A North Korean agent who helped defectors re-enter North Korea… 3 years in prison

Agent A, who was caught handing over the personal information of defectors staying in Korea to a North Korean agency, was sentenced to prison.

Today (23rd), the 11th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Court (Chief Judge Mi-kyung Kim) sentenced Mr. A to three years in prison for violating the National Security Act.

Person A was charged with handing over the contact information of North Korean defectors staying in Korea between 2016 and 2018 to the National Security Agency, a North Korean intelligence agency.

It turned out that Mr. A handed the contact details of the defectors and helped the North Korean Security Department to contact the defectors.

It was found that the North Korean Security Department, who had been given the contact information, threatened the defectors to re-enter North Korea, threatening that their families in North Korea could be in danger.

In fact, it was found that a defector who could not overcome such threats went to China with his cohabitation in September 2016 and re-entered North Korea.

In response, Mr. A is known to have made a claim to the effect that ‘it had nothing to do with the inducement to re-enter North Korea’, saying that ‘it happened by coercion without knowing the specifics’.

However, the court pointed out, “If you look at the evidence legally adopted by the court in a comprehensive way, Mr. A received training as an agent of the Security Agency and knew that the task of enticing re-entry into North Korea was an important task of the Security Agency.”

He added, “If the broker activity that started in 2014 is discovered, I will not accept Mr. A’s claim that he is not responsible for the coercive act, given that he would go to the head of the security department and provide money and other goods to perform overseas agent duties,” he added. “However, we took into account the fact that the accused confessed to most of the crimes during the investigation process, and that he was born and raised in North Korea and received training as an agent,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the prosecution is known to have caught the crime of A while investigating other offenders of the National Security Act.

Mr. A, who has been working as a broker for North Korean defectors since 2012, was found to be a broker in 2014 and surrendered himself, and it is understood that he was subordinated to the National Security Agency during the surrender process.

Mr. A started working as an informant in earnest in 2016, and was given the term ‘chrysanthemum’ as the name of security maintenance and ‘commodity transaction’ as the password to be used with the security guard.

Since 2016, Mr. A is known to have worked as a foreign agent for the Security Agency, and entered Korea in December of the same year through Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand in November 2018.

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