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[Pick] A man stabbed his friend with a knife… When asked about the motive for the crime, he said, “Because I’m fat.”

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When asked about the motive for stabbing a friend’s chest three times, a man in his 50s who stated that he was “fat” was sentenced to prison.

According to the legal community today (23rd), the 2nd criminal division of the Seoul High Court (Chief Judge Yoon Seung-eun) sentenced 58-year-old A, who was charged with attempted murder, to 8 years in prison, the same as the first trial.

In September of last year, while drinking with friends B and C, Mr. A stabbed Mr. B, who fell asleep while leaning against the wall, three times with a knife and was handed over to trial for attempted murder.

As a result, Mr. B broke a rib and stabbed his small intestine with a knife, and suffered injuries for 4 weeks in the front.

It was confirmed that Mr. A made a statement in the investigation agency to the effect that ‘While drinking, he decided to kill one of the two, and made the fatter Mr. B as the target of the crime.’

The first trial court, which proceeded earlier, pointed out, “(A) shows a desire to kill an unspecified person, so the risk is very high and the quality of the crime is poor.” The sentence was decided by taking into account the fact that it was possible to do so,” he explained.

The Court of Appeal also sentenced the trial court to eight years in prison.

The court of appeals said, “It can only be regarded as an extreme crime of murder against the victim for no reason, and there is nothing to consider the motive or circumstances.” He explained the reasons for the sentence.

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