Monday, November 29

Park Ji-won apologizes for the Usa-su incident… “China local reports overlooked as simple intelligence”

Director Park Ji-won of the National Intelligence Service apologized today (23rd) regarding the urea water incident, saying, “The local intelligence officer of the National Intelligence Service reported it, but it was overlooked as a piece of information.”

Rep. Park attended the plenary meeting of the Intelligence Committee today and said this, Rep. Kim Byung-gi, secretary of the Democratic Party of Korea, said in a briefing.

Director Park explained, “The NIS recognized it as a piece of information and overlooked the seriousness of it, so we could not take a preemptive response to the urea number issue.”

In response, multiple intelligence officers mentioned, “Is this really a matter for the NIS to apologize for?

Rep. Kim explained to reporters that the country sending foreign intelligence officers was “China.”

Regarding the timing of the intelligence report, he explained, “Didn’t China give a notice? At the edge of that.”

In addition to the urea water crisis, Rep. Kim said, “I talked about whether we should discuss ways to give the (NIS) authority to collect information through law revision,” in relation to Japan’s economic retaliation and new security areas such as the corona crisis.

He also said, “It is the same in the field of cyber security.” “Until now, other agencies do not have the ability to carry out (information collection). Even if the NIS control is strengthened, shouldn’t there be a collection in this field?”

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)

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