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Ouch ?! Is Rúrik Gíslason bald now?

Rúrik Gíslason
Ouch ?! Is the “Let’s Dance” winner now bald?

Rúrik Gíslason

Rúrik Gíslason is not only gifted in sports, he is also quite beautiful to look at. Many of his fans are particularly into the long blond mane of the Icelandic man. But that is now apparently a thing of the past! Rúrik is bald on the net!

Steel blue eyes, sexy three-day beard, curved eyebrows – but, isn’t there something missing ?! Rúrik Gíslasons, 33, Instagram followers: inside should have been surprised by the latest stories from her idol, after all, the “Let’s Dance” star lacks a striking detail in the pictures: the long, wild mane! Did the Icelander really get carried away with a look?

Rúrik Gíslason shows himself without hair

It’s a pretty shocking shot that the ex-kicker shares in his story. Rúrik shows himself in the mask of the “Let’s Dance” show, with which he is currently touring Germany. His stylist stands behind him, she has a razor in her hand and actually applies the device to the hairline. Rúrik writes: “Time for change” (in German: “Time for a change.”)

Rúrik Gíslason mit Glatze?

Rúrik Gíslason mit Glatze?


On the next slide, Rúrik can actually be seen bald. Did he short shrift and get rid of his mane? The resolution follows without further ado.

Rúrik would never …

As he resolves in the next story, his stylist didn’t shave his hair off, rather it’s just a filter that hides his hair. “Of course I don’t cut my hair,” explains the 33-year-old about the video, which shows the hairy transformation that his stylist really made on him, in fast-forward mode.

"Of course, I don't cut my hair"Rúrik explains to his fans

“Of course I don’t cut my hair,” Rúrik explains to his fans


You can see how the hair is tied back close to the head and put into a bun. In the next step, she fixes the hair with all sorts of clips. “Ahhh, I would like to keep my brain,” the ex-kicker yelps. Would he rather have shaved his head? Hard to imagine, after all, the long blond mane is one of the trademarks of the ex-soccer player who danced his way into the hearts of the audience with “Let’s Dance”.

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